Kanye West sends a message of reconciliation to Kim Kardashian

Maybe the divorce from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West It has been a while in the making, but the rapper certainly refuses to accept it. If a few weeks ago he verbalized during an interview that he wants to get back with his ex-partner – while affirming that he had not yet signed any divorce paper – now he goes further and during a public speech he involves God and the media while sending him a message. clear message to the businesswoman. It happened this Wednesday, when Ye – as he now calls himself – attended a Thanksgiving event, where he stressed how important his family continues to be for him:

“The story God wants you to see is that we can all be forgiven in our relationships. We have made mistakes, I have made mistakes, I have done public things that are not acceptable as a husband, but today, right now and for whatever reason – I did not expect to be here in front of this microphone – I am here to change history.

The story that the artist refers to is basically that last February Kardashian filed for divorce and since then they have maintained a cordial relationship that has seemed to explode after she remade her love life with Pete Davidson a few weeks ago. A roll of which we inform you here in depth.

kanye west, at a recent event

Kanye West, at the event on Wednesday where he sent a message to Kim.

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West blames the media for his divorce

Also, during the sermon he repeated something that he has said previously: the media have been participants in their separation. This is how he referred to them almost metaphorically:

“If the enemy can separate ‘Kimye’ – her partner name – there will be millions of families who believe that separation is okay. But when God brings ‘Kimye’ back together, there will be millions of families who will see how the obstacles can be overcome and that the problems of separation can be worked on, as well as the trauma that the devil has used to capitalize on us and support the life. people in misery while there are those who walk over the homeless and go to the Gucci store. “

A speech in which he ended up naming ‘E!’ And ‘Hulu’, platforms where the reality of the Kardashians was and will broadcast stating that “He will not allow these media to write the story of his family”. Finally, he commented that this Christmas time is perfect for families to meet again and park their differences, something that he intends to do with Kim, although she is not very much for the work according to his latest movements.

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