JK Simmons reveals what Commissioner Gordon’s original plan was in the DCEU

JK Simmons joined the DCEU with the promise of becoming the James Gordon who would pair with the Batman by Ben Affleck. We all know what happened and the disappointment that the decisions made by Warner Bros caused in us, but the actors are not exempt from feeling bad about the “missed opportunities” and this was made clear by Simmons in a recent interview.

In a participation for the podcast Happy sad confused, JK Simmons spoke about Batgirl, his next project, but since his role as Commissioner Gordon is permanently tied to the fiasco of Justice league, the actor talked about everything his character could have done.

“When I first signed up to do Justice League, it was a three-movie deal… The intention was, at the time, that those actors (Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill) they were going to continue playing those iconic superheroes and that there would be something to do in a couple more movies. As is often the case, that did not come to fruition for multiple reasons … ” said between sighs, JK Simmons.

The actor also accepted that even he had already made up his mind that those plans would not follow, at least not those who contemplated Commissioner Gordon, for that reason he felt surprised and “flattered” when they proposed to him to return to Batgirl.

“I was completely stunned that they called me recently and wanted me to go back to being James Gordon, and for it to be a more substantial role.” accepted the actor.

Leslie Grace will play Barbara Gordon in Batgirl, the next movie for HBO Max. Although she is the daughter of JK Simmons’ James Gordon and therefore “apprentice” to Affleck’s Batman, it is not entirely clear how she will be incorporated into the current DCEU canon or if it will be an independent film with her own Batman. What do you think they will do from Warner Bros?


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