Inés Gómez Mont only went to make a fool of the Super Bowl: Inés Sainz

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How can we forget the current fugitive from justice asking Tom Brady for marriage! That scene that went around the world in which Inés Gómez Mont dressed as a bride during the media day of the Super Bowl XLII it is remembered with shame for his then companion, Ines Sainz, who revealed that this episode led to a NFL sanction to TV Azteca.

Prior to the game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots on February 3, 2008, Mont was ltaken by TV Azteca to the Super Bowl to make “colored notes”, but their occurrence of interrupting Brady while he was attending the media to ask him to marry him it cost the television station to run out of various accreditations.

First of all that embarrassment for the company owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Inés Sainz called Gómez Mont “ridiculous”, who never returned to the Super Bowl and is now wanted by Interpol for tax offenses.

She was invited by the entertainment area to the Super BowlAlways on TV Azteca they send someone who has nothing to do with sports to that event to do something, notes of color, although it suits us when they do not make a fool of themselves, “Sainz said in a conversation with Adela Micha.

“That time Paty Chapoy sent it and that’s when she did dressing up as a bride for Tom Brady. The ridiculous thing he did it cost TV Azteca 10 accreditations in the Super Bowl, The NFL told us that if we were going to send people to make a fool of ourselves we didn’t need so many accreditations, so from 15 accredited they reduced us to only five, “he added.

The day that Inés Sainz tackled Gómez Mont

For years it was rumored that the namesakes could not hold and there was a time when Sainz hit Gómez Mont playing football; while everyone took it with humor, the affected one seems to have held a grudge from then on.

“In that Super Bowl, It occurred to the producer that we all play football and I am very rough, I grew up with three male brothers and I am very competitive. We were playing and I transform, I receive the ball and illusively Gómez Mont stands in front of me thinking that I was going to stop and no. I throw the body and it flies awayWe all laughed and the video came out, but I think it did hurt, “said the blonde.

“I never lived with her, to the World Cup she was going to make her little colored notes and I was going to do the sports theme. We were never friends, just co-workers and that’s it, although I don’t think we had a rough time between the two of us. “


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