Halo Infinite: console players ask to remove crossplay due to hackers

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The multiplayer component of Halo Infinite debuted last Monday, November 15. While the vast majority of fans are happy, it’s undeniable that it’s not a hassle-free experience. Unfortunately, and as in any online game, hackers have already managed to become one of the most serious drawbacks of this 343 Industries title.

As we told you, the cheaters began to destroy the games with their misdeeds within days of the launch of the multiplayer Beta. Unfortunately, the situation seems to be going from bad to worse, as fraudulent practices are on the rise and it is becoming easier to find players without honor.

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In essence, the traps range from disrespectful aimbots that allow you to easily target the heads of other players, to wallhacks that reveal the location of your opponents. Needless to say, these tools provide considerable competitive advantage.

Players don’t want to deal with Halo Infinite hackers and ask to disable crossplay

While consoles are not exempt from being breached and falling into the clutches of hackers, it is undeniable that the vast majority of fraudulent practices take place on PCs.

That said, we must remember that Halo Infinite It has a crossplay function, which allows console players to face off against PC users. This means that those who play on an Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S must also deal with the hackers that are in the computer version.

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Unlike titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, the players of Halo Infinite on consoles they don’t have the opportunity to disable crossplay, so they have no choice but to share lobbies with PC users. The only measure is to activate the matchmaking option so that the title only looks for other players who use control, but that is not an ideal solution.

Faced with this situation, the community urges 343 Industries to consider removing mandatory crossplay. This with the aim that console users do not have to deal with hackers of the PC version.

Cheats join the short but important list of issues currently plaguing multiplayer in Halo Infinite. Since its launch, players insisted that the Battle Pass progression was very slow and recently the Fracture: Tenrai event was also the subject of criticism.

But tell us, have you already met a cheater in a game? Let us read you in the comments.

The full version of Halo infinite It will be available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on December 8. You will find more news related to this title if you click here.

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