George Clooney reflects on “caring” with Nespresso

Nespresso has launched an action to value human care and the positive impact behind each cup of coffee with figures such as George Clooney or Chiara Ferragni.

Nespresso has always maintained in its stamp that the coffee universe can be a powerful force for good. This conviction is the protagonist of the new movement of the brand, ‘Made with Care’ (“Done with care” in Spanish). With this action, the company seeks above all to educate about the value chain behind each cup of coffee and human care invested in every step.

This banner is raised by the actor and director George Clooney, visible face of the company for years. The American argues that brewing exceptional coffee can be both an art and a catalyst for positive change, provided that care is instilled in every detail.

This is a spirit that Nespresso tries to maintain with programs such as ‘Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality’. This is designed to ensure the selection of the best quality beans. At the same time, it protects the environment and even tries to revive endangered coffees and their communities thanks to ‘Reviving Origins’. By 2022 the firm wants to be totally carbon neutral.

“We show that good values ​​can go hand in hand with a quality product, and we are proud to bring together so many like-minded friends of the brand in our latest campaign,” he says. Anna lundstrom, Chief Brand Officer of Nespresso Global.

George Clooney and other celebrities and experts reflect on ‘care’

“Nespresso and I have always shared a passion for sustainability and the well-being of farmers. And if the past year has shown anything, it’s that caring is critical to the well-being and resilience of communities, ”says Clooney in the launch video, developed by McCann Worldgroup New York.

It features other celebrities and coffee experts who they answer the question “what is care?” Each of them explains how their personal beliefs link them to the deep human care that is so important to Nespresso.

Thus, we can see such powerful defenders of equity and inclusion as the Colombian fashion designer. Johanna ortiz; Rwandan-French actress and philanthropist Sonia Rolland or the digital entrepreneur Chiara ferragni.

In the spot we can see other partners who share Nespresso’s long-term commitment to sustainability. From creatives, like the French chef Jean Imbert, until Dr. Nyagoy Nyong’o, CEO of Fairtrade International. There is also no lack of people behind the brand. That’s why the voices we hear in the piece include the company’s head of coffee development, Alexis Rodriguez, or the Colombian agronomist Juliana Correa.

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