From Hell to Arcane, the 10 most viewed series and movies this November 24

The film Red Alert is an unexpected Netflix event that ranks among the most watched since its premiere


Netflix is the platform of streaming most used in Argentina, with 4.5 million active users who visit its catalog every day. The offer of titles is constantly renewed: every week new features are introduced that tempt users. For this reason, the top 10 most viewed series and movies in our country it changes almost daily. East November 24, remains in the first place The queen of flow after the premiere of its second season, followed by the Korean miniseries Heading to hell. Also, they returned to soap operas I am Betty the Ugly one and Passion of Hawks.

The Latin American series that broke TV records and surpassed the success of Red Alert on Netflix

Here is a review of the productions that lead the ranking on Netflix Argentina.

1. The queen of flow

The love-hate relationship between Yeimy and Charly is rekindled in the second season of this series produced in Colombia. Charly is released from jail and Yeimy’s life will be altered by his harassment. In this new installment, unpublished musical themes were incorporated and part of the cast was renewed. One of the curiosities of the new episodes is the presence of the Argentine actor Marcelo Dos Santos, who joins the cast headed by Carolina Ramírez and Carlos Torres. I See The queen of flow

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2. Heading to hell

The appearance of some supernatural beings condemning humans to hell unleashes chaos, while the influence of religious organization the New Truth is increasing. But some people harbor suspicions about the activities of this group and decide to investigate their involvement in the mysterious events. This Suspense miniseries, only six episodes, is another of the South Korean productions that managed to position themselves among the most viewed in the ranking. | Watch Heading to hell

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3. Two meters from you

A adolescent suffering from cystic fibrosis radically changes your daily routine and defies hospital medical protocols when falls in love with another patient. This 2019 movie, based on the novel by Rachel Lippincott, has as protagonists Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse. | Watch Two meters from you

4. Red alert

Netflix’s new bet with “The Rock” (Dwayne johnson) and Ryan reynolds follow the story of John Hartley, an Interpol agent what should be an alliance with the world’s second most wanted thief, Nolan Booth, to capture a dangerous threat: the seductive Sarah Black (Gal gadot). | Watch Red alert

5. The Croods

When an earthquake destroys your cave, a prehistoric family is forced to travel through an unknown area in search of a new home. Shaken by generational shocks and earthquakes, the Croods discover an incredible new world, full of fantastic creatures, and a future that exceeds what they had imagined. This exciting children’s film from DreamWorks features voices from famous people such as Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan reynolds. | Watch The Croods

6. Passion of Gavilanes

This Colombian soap opera had 188 episodes, cast between 2003 and 2004. It was written by Julio Jimenez, produced by RTI Colombia in conjunction with the Telemundo network and with the participation of the company Caracol TV. It is based on the 1994 soap opera The still waters, also written by Jiménez and produced by RTI, broadcast by Canal Uno. Despite not being a premiere, it was incorporated into the platform and captivated the audience again, almost 20 years later. | Watch Passion of Hawks

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7. Arcane

A new production from the creators of League of Legends which reached the top of the rankings of the markets where it was released. The animated series explores the origins of two iconic champions and a city on the brink of war. With a delicate balance of forces, the rich city of Piltover and the seedy underground district of Zaun they face each other through technology and magic. | Watch Arcane

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8. Things to clean

This 10-episode miniseries follows the story of a woman leaving her home to escape a abusive and abusive husband. With no place to live or anything to eat, she takes a job as a housekeeper while fighting through thick and thin to define her own worth and retain custody of your daughter. | Watch Things to clean

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9. I am Betty, the ugly

Netflix continues to bet on the Latin American soap operas that have so many followers and that tend to be located in the preferences of the public. This time, it was the turn of this story starring Ana Maria Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello. Betty, a woman who modifies her conservative lifestyle when she falls in love with a man, at first sight, unattainable. Of Colombian origin, this soap opera became a classic. | Watch I am Betty the Ugly one

10. The Reloaded Transporter

When a femme fatale kidnaps his father, Frank Martin, a retired mercenary, is forced to re-enter the action and engage in a war against the russian mafia. This 2015 action film stars Ed skrein, Ray Stevenson and Gabriella wright. | See The Reloaded Transporter

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