Floyd Mayweather again belittled Canelo Álvarez’s boxing with a comparison


After Terence Crawford’s victory, Floyd Mayweather put the American back on Canelo Álvarez.

Floyd Mayweather doesn't recognize the Canelo Álvarez moment.
© GettyFloyd Mayweather doesn’t recognize the Canelo Álvarez moment.

Last weekend he returned to the ring Terence crawford to successfully defend your WBO Welterweight World Title in view of Shawn porter and thus continue to compete for the best pound-for-pound position with Canelo Alvarez, who is considered number one today. On the other hand, Floyd mayweather he broke the silence again and said that the best fighter is Bud and not the tapatío.

In recent years, the discussion about who is the best boxer today has been among the fighter of Guadalajara and that of Omaha due to his boxing and the rivals he has had. Prior to the clash between the Mexican and Callum smith for the vast majority of fans and specialists in the field.

On the other hand, who does not change his position is Floyd mayweather who still thinks that the best pound for pound is Terence crawford. “The best Pound for Pound fighter today is Terence Crawford. It is a diamond in the rough, pure talent. An incredible fighter, a son of a bitch. He reminds me of a young Floyd Mayweather, because he can fight until the end of every fight. “, expressed Money to Fight Hype.

On the other hand, the former world champion spoke of the possibility of hiring the champion of the World Boxing Organization to its promoter. “Terence Crawford doesn’t have to be in my company for me to flatter him properly, of course. If he’s ever a free agent, I’d love working with him. I repeat: if he is a free agent. I know what I can do to take it to the next level. “he commented.

One of the lowest points of Terence crawford in his last presentation it did not happen with his boxing, but down the ring. As reported by BoxingScene.com, the American could barely raise about 155 thousand payments by events, a very low number for what was expected.


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