Exatlón México: this is the athlete who will lose hair after losing a challenge

Athlete of the Guardians team will challenge this November 24 to a member of Pathfinders to a challenge where the loser must cut his hair.

By: Anneth Marin

An alleged plot has been unleashed against the blue team After competitors from Guardianes and Colombianos made derogatory comments against them, athletes from Conquistadores expressed that the attitudes of their opponents did not seem appropriate.

Today it will be seen the second phase of the triangle race in which the teams of Pathfinders, Guardians and Colombians will face off. According to leaks, it will be the blue team that wins it, but at the cost of the rivalry of the opposing athletes.

Plot against the blues is unleashed in Exatlón México

Nataly commented that the blues “They were a little raised”, while Emilio said that the hatred towards the Pathfinders does not only come from the red team, because nobody really wants them.

In addition, he mentioned that generally the blue ones are pathetic And even if they have been winning that, it will not prevent one of its members from serving a punishment, so in the assembly of this November 24 challenged Jair to a duel where the loser must cut his hair.

According to leaks, instead of Jair it will be Yusef who will take the challenge that he unfortunately lost, so we will see him without hair soon.

The subject of a possible plot against the Pathfinders has not stopped being debated on social networks. Red team fans defend their favorites, while blue team supporters fuel this theory.

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