Don’t be fooled on Black Friday: watch out for this strategy shown by a Spanish study

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48% of the products that are offered with discounts increase their price days before the date and fall at the time of the Black Friday celebration so that it seems that the savings are greater.

The Black Friday craze rages on year after year. Companies compete for offer the most succulent discount and thus increase your sales on the Friday following the Thanksgiving celebration. A day that has already been extended to the week of the appointment in question. For several days the offers and great discounts have not stopped, but … are all the discounts that they offer really as succulent as they seem?

A Spanish study reveals a strategy to take into account before adding that item that seems so discounted to the shopping cart. And it is that online stores raise prices so that customers have the feeling that they offer a greater discount.

The AZbox price comparison has monitored the prices of more than 6,300 products from November to December 2020 and have concluded that the 73% of products that they have analyzed experience “a clear upward price oscillation between the days prior to Black Friday and its decline at the time of its celebration” and that 48% of businesses they increase the price of their articles the days before and halve their amount on the key day of the promotion. A price, which is also usually maintained during the beginning of December to rise again from the 12th.

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The concern about the shortage reaches Spain: is there stock for Black Friday and Christmas?
“The research makes it clear that the key days of Black Friday the price of the items is cheaper than the days prior to its launch, but without reaching the lowest price of the product established during the months prior to this campaign,” they assure .

26% of Spanish consumers affirm that they take advantage of Black Friday to anticipate your christmas shopping, according to Klarna. So we will have to be attentive to see if these tempting offers are really real or not as much as they seem. To recognize them, AZbox recommends using a price comparator like yours before purchasing the product.


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