Diego Lainez and the reason why he did not play with Betis

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It is no secret to anyone that this season of The league It has been more than complicated for Diego Lainez, Since the little sum of minutes with Betis it has become a constant; Nevertheless, Manuel Pellegrini, team strategist, unveiled the reason why the Aztec has fought this campaign.

And it is that a lot has had to do with injury suffered by Lainez during the past Olympic Games that were held in the summer, since there the former Americanist suffered an injury that it cost him to be out of circulation for several months and recovery has been slow.

“There are 25 players in the squad, and it is a place that is also covered with Rodri, Rober, Joaquín. Unfortunately for Diego, he had a fairly long ankle injury from which he is recovering.“Said the strategist who hinted that the Aztec is not at his best.

As a coaching staff, if you see that you are at an important level, you will have your chanceFor now, like all players, he is going to have to work and at the moment that he has to prove it ”, he added.

He already saw minutes in the Europa League

Following the statements of Manuel Pellegrini, Diego Lainez had the opportunity to enter change at minute 71 in the duel of the Europa League Come in Betis and Ferencváros, which ended in triumph for the Spanish. The Mexican could show little in that period on the court.


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