An example of the intensity of Tom Cruise

Top Gun: Maverick is not streaming, because of Tom Cruise?

Actor Tom Cruise is famous for doing the most dangerous action scenes and giving it his all on film sets.

Jake johnson has revealed an anecdote from the filming of The Mummy (2017) that defines very well the intensity that puts Tom cruise to the filming of his films. He also commented that he was not surprised at the audios that were leaked during the recording of Mission Impossible 7.

“Yeah, Tom Cruise is an intense guy”. Jake Johnson revealed in a recent interview. “I know him well, but in terms of a filmmaker, he wants to entertain the audience, and if you don’t give your all on the set, they will leave him off the boat. Because he’s there to entertain the audience and he’s really willing to put himself in danger to do it.

Actor Jake Johnson recalled an anecdote about filming The Mummy.

“We jumped together on buildings that exploded. We were in a three story building that collapsed and I landed on my back and told him something went wrong because I got hurt. And Tom Cruise said: HURT or hurt? I said: What is the difference? And he said: Can you go again or is something broken? And I said: No, I mean, I can go again. Then he says: So you are hurt. Of course you are hurt. You fell out of a three-story building. And I thought, he’s not pretending. When you see him on a horse and he is thrown, his back is bruised, but he loves to do it. When he clings to the side of the plane and it takes off and the wind hits his face and it seems that it is tearing his skin, it is because it is tearing his skin.

An example of the intensity of Tom Cruise in the filming

Mission Impossible 7 It will be released on May 25, 2022. Some incredible scenes that Tom Cruise himself has shot have already leaked. So he’s put his physique back in jeopardy by entertaining moviegoers.

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