Amber Heard, to prison for perjury? Your lawyer responds

Have passed five years since the divorce between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp made the headlines of various media on an international level.

Since then, the situation has become chaotic, as the actress of ‘Aquaman‘accused Depp of domestic violence while the famous’Edward scissorhands‘responded to these accusations with a defamation lawsuit against Heard.

As both trials progress, and thanks to new evidence collected, Everything seems to indicate that Amber Heard lied in some of her accusations. According to information leaked by radaronline, The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is considering investigating the actress for perjury, a charge with which she could spend a few years in prison.

The particular event being investigated It’s a 2016 altercation in the penthouse that both actors shared. According to Heard’s allegations, During an argument, Depp allegedly threw a cell phone in his face, causing wine to spill everywhere, resulting in damage to various objects and furniture.

However, a couple of weeks ago, Johnny Depp’s defense showed security tapes showing the police arriving at the penthouse after said altercation. At that time, the actors’ residence was located impeccable and without any damage, which contradicts Heard’s statements.

This is not the first time that Amber Heard has been singled out for perjury.

It is worth mentioning that This is not the first time Amber Heard has been indicted for perjury.therefore, in April 2020, the site International Business Times, disclosed that Amber Heard falsified other evidence. Well, the actress pointed out on several occasions that she had to put on makeup to cover the alleged blows that Johnny Depp had given her; However, it has been revealed that it was Heard herself who applied makeup to simulate them.

Amber Heard, to prison for perjury? This is how her lawyer responds

After that, Amber Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, came out to deny the allegations, arguing that the Los Angeles Police Department “does not even investigate perjury.”

The statute of limitations for perjury in California is three years and has long expired, so an investigation, as well as charges, a conviction, or a jail time, they are impossible. Has repeatedly refused there is any investigation on Amber Heard. [El Departamento] does not even investigate perjury … Adam Waldman [abogado de Depp] tries to shake up the press and hurt a future jury“Bredehoft said.

Elaine’s statements were supported by a LAPD representative, who claimed that “they had never heard of the Department investigating perjury in the case.”

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