a movie from the 90s in the middle of 2021

In several of the scenes of the film Small detailsby John Lee Hancock, the camera observes Denzel Washington’s character with haunting attention. Not only does he contemplate you, he also seems to intend to analyze what happens under the impassive mask of his face.

Perhaps for that reason, the film has a certain air of The silence of the inocents (1991) in which Jonathan Demme made brilliant use of his close-ups very close to create a terrifying atmosphere. Hancock doesn’t have Demme’s capacity for invisible tension. But he manages, to the best of his ability, to create an unbreathable tension in several of the highest moments of his movie.

For better or for worse, the slow and careful style of the now classic suspense thrillers returned to commercial cinema. Small details, with his palette of gray tones, the coldness of his speech and the way of facing violence is a return to a calculated and precise type of cinema. The same way that The Bone Collector (1999), the script – also signed by the director – has a deep interest in exploring the idea of ​​evil as something more than an uncontrollable impulse.

A movie from the 90s, but in 2021

In the rigid and severe environment of the film, fear and the connotation of violence are sustained through the gaze of the other. They are all suspects amid the careful web of fingerprints the plot creates, In a cheating look at guilt Who are we when no one is looking at us? What little mistakes do we make when we try to hide our unspeakable horrors? The film plays on the premise of two relentless forces about to collide and it is perhaps that feeling of the inevitable, which prevents Small details decay in its rarefied atmosphere and old-fashioned air.

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