10 short series available on HBO Max ideal to watch on a weekend

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Blessed weekends in which we can do a good marathon with a sofa and blanket, and see a complete series to disconnect from everything. For this reason, from SERIES & MÁS we propose several options for short series, whether they are miniseries or with a few seasons and episodes, ideal to see at once on HBO Max, enjoy its catalog and give you the satisfaction of having seen an entire series.

‘Big Little Lies’ (2017)

'Big Little Lies'.

‘Big Little Lies’.


Episodes: 14

Total length: 667 minutes

What is it about: A dark and mysterious story surrounds the protagonists: Madeline (Reese witherspoon), Light blue (Nicole Kidman) and Jane (Shailene woodley), three mothers living in Northern California who will be caught in a murder.

What reason is there to see her: Through the powerful personality that the three protagonists have, the series builds a solid portrait not only of women, but also of the relationships that are established between them. In addition, the plot takes the opportunity to deal with such important and necessary issues such as marital or middle-aged crises, parental overprotection or sisterhood, without forgetting violence and abuse.

‘Carnivale’ (2003)


Episodes: 24

Total length: 1,202 minutes

What is it about: During the Great Depression in the southern United States, Ben Hawkins (Nick Stahl), an 18-year-old orphan joins the circus after discovering that it has healing powers. On the other hand, Father Justin (Clancy Brown), a Methodist pastor who lives with his sister Iris (Amy Madigan) in California, begins to have visions. The stories of various characters will be intertwined at a given moment, starting a great battle between good and evil that will involve all the protagonists.

What reason is there to see her: The series takes care of even the smallest visual and narrative detail, posing a maelstrom of Christian beliefs and pagan myths at the same time. From the first chapter, the immensity of a world worth discovering and that hooks everyone is presented, even despite being canceled early.

‘Chernobyl’ (2019)


Episodes: 5

Total length: 307 minutes

What is it about: On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, located in present-day Ukraine, suffered a massive explosion that released radioactive material in all surrounding areas, affecting other neighboring countries such as Belarus and Russia, as well as areas in Scandinavia. and Central Europe. From different perspectives, the series narrates what happened around one of the greatest tragedies in recent history and the consequences that it dragged until today.

What reason is there to see her: This series is a true gem of the platform. From the first moment you immerse yourself in it, you are completely absorbed by its cinematography and production design, engulfing you in the historical disaster that took place. In addition, everything is narrated from different points of view, allowing a more critical learning about the chilling events that occurred.

‘Blood Brothers’ (2001)

Image of 'Blood brothers'.

Image of ‘Blood brothers’.


Episodes: 10

Total length: 594 minutes

What is it about: The series focuses on the Easy Company, an American battalion of the 506th parachute regiment that participated on the European scene of World War II in battles as prominent as the Normandy landings. Based on the best-seller by Stephen E. Ambrose, the series combines interviews with survivors, actual letters from the soldiers themselves, and elements of fiction to narrate what happened in the historical conflict from a realistic perspective.

What reason is there to see her: It is a series as fast-paced as it is exciting, capable of leaving aside the sides because in it, the characters are neither the good nor the bad of the story. The objective is to narrate the harshness and cruelty of war, reflecting that everyone dies and fights in the same way. In addition, behind the cameras are Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who tell us a story in which we all lose and from which we must learn not to repeat it.

‘Mare of Easttown’ (2021)

Kate Winslet in 'Mare of Easttown'.

Kate Winslet in ‘Mare of Easttown’.


Episodes: 7

Total length: 399 minutes

What is it about: Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) works as a detective in a small gray town in Pennsylvania. In the midst of a life crisis and trying to prevent their own world from falling apart, the police will become obsessed with the sudden death of a teenage girl who inadvertently reopens old wounds from the past.

What reason is there to see her: The series is an addictive thriller that, based on the story of a crime, explores the past of a real woman, leaving gender stereotypes behind and showing her imperfections, contradictions and vulnerabilities. In addition, an important message is delivered on the need for support among female protagonists and on how we must face once the mental health problems that all of us can have and face pain in order to learn from it.

‘Homeland’ (2020)

‘Homeland’ | Trailer | HBO Max

Episodes: 8

Total length: 442 minutes

What is it about: Based on the novel by Fernando Aramburu of the same name, the series explores a story set in the middle of the Basque conflict, studying its impact on ordinary people. Focusing on the return of an ETA victim to his hometown, the story also reveals the story from within the band and how this problem ended up absorbing an entire society as a whole.

What reason is there to see her: Todo en Patria is worthy of review and what was originally an adaptation became one of the most anticipated audiovisual projects of the decade that managed to thrill again with the same story, this time through the screen. The acclaimed cast, the extraordinary music and the careful reconstruction of the Basque Country once again addressed a subject as painful as it is necessary for today’s society, which has yet to reconcile itself with its past.

‘Rome’ (2005)

Still from 'Roma'.

Still from ‘Roma’.


Episodes: 22

Total length: 1,232 minutes

What is it about: Placing us in the time before the birth of Christ, the city of Rome stands before all and becomes the most powerful in the world and the epicenter of an entire Empire. During the period of the Republic, the system prevented any man from achieving absolute power, and as if that were not enough, the corruption and excesses that existed in the institutions further opened the abyss of inequality between classes.

What reason is there to see her: The series takes us back in time to put on the table what the power struggle was at a crucial moment in history, wrapping it in a format that seems cinematic and is spectacular. Trying to humanize the figures of Julius Caesar and Marco Antonio, the time portrayed does not seem to be so far removed from the present and allows us to know what the society of the moment was like from its many facets.

‘The Night Of’ (2016)

'The Night Of'.

Episodes: 8

Total length: 500 minutes

What is it about: The young Pakistani Naz (the Emmy winner Riz Ahmed) decides to rob his father’s taxi and spend a night out with a stranger in Manhattan. What he does not know is that this will be his last night as a free citizen, since the next day he will find the lifeless body of the young woman in his bed and will be arrested as the only suspect in the murder.

What reason is there to see her: The series denounces the judicial system of a country in which the Statue of Liberty does not seem to see the failings of an entire society, in which it matters less to be innocent than to appear so. Keeping the incognito and the uncertainty until the end, we will come to suspect the protagonist and we will witness the other side of the United States society.

‘True Detective’ S1 (2014)

The two protagonists of the first season of 'True Detective'.

The two protagonists of the first season of ‘True Detective’.


Episodes: 8

Total length: 436 minutes

What is it about: Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martinn Hart (Woody Harrelson) are two Louisiana detectives who will have to go back in time to meet again with the difficult case of a serial killer they had already investigated. The road will be much more complicated to travel and there will be many difficulties that will be placed in front of them and they will end up facing the darkness that surrounds both sides of the law.

What reason is there to see her: The main reason to watch this series is supported by the leading couple, played by the more than outstanding Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. It’s an ideal choice when you’re looking for an intriguing and breathtaking story to the end. It is one of the phenomena of the last decade that will manage to take over our minds and make us cling to any possible clue.

‘Watchmen’ (2009)

Still from 'Watchmen'.

Still from ‘Watchmen’.


Episodes: 9

Total length: 503 minutes

What is it about: Set in the 80s in the United States, the series takes place in the middle of the Cold War, a time when superheroes that people previously admired are now persecuted by the law. One day, one of them appears dead, The Comedian, who worked for the CIA, and his friend Rorschach, the only active masked hero, will undertake the investigation of his death..

What reason is there to see her: Adapting one of the iconic and most anticipated comics in the DC universe, Damon Lindelof (Lost) managed to capture the essence of the original story, taking advantage of the basis that fans recognized to adapt it to the current era. In this way, the most recent social and political problems in the United States are criticized, even as the plot takes place in the 1980s.

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