Vin Diesel fans in dispute over photo he posted of his muscles

Soon Vin Diesel will face another challenge in his career: a new installment of the saga Fast and furious… And of course, for this you will need the muscles on your side.

Now, two decades after he started with that series of films, the American actor published one on his Instagram referring to the new project that is coming up.

“Months away from embarking on the final journey …”, wrote as a caption who plays Dominic Toretto, alluding to the latest installment of the saga that is about to be shot.

However, what most attracted the attention of his 76 million followers was the photo he uploaded next to the text, in which he shows his strong pectorals, also his corpulent biceps and triceps, which blend with the veins in his chest.

The fight

The debate was immediately generated, because some celebrated the physical state that he shows at 54, while others found the image not very credible.

“Pure injections”, “That’s a lie, the image is super altered”, “Your belly button is going to explode”, “That photo is old”, “Not that I was pregnant” and “You need a breast lift”, some opined followers.

However, there was also an important group that celebrated it: “Very handsome”, “He looks very good” and “Beautiful, he is my favorite actor and I do not lose hope before I died to meet him”.

A few months ago, some photos were revealed in which the actor showed a visible increase in weight and belly while he was on vacation. That seems to have been left behind.

Review the catch in question

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