Ultrasounds and medical check-ups, the most requested in the health day in the dental, general medicine and special studies units of the Health Day – El Sol de Córdoba

Cordoba, Ver. – Electrocardiograms, pelvic and ovarian check-ups as well as general check-ups are the medical services that are being most requested in the State Health days, This is how the citizens who arrived from an early hour to train were mentioned.

From the night of Tuesday, November 23, the dental, general medicine and special studies units arrived in the city of Córdoba, settling in the park May 21, because this morning of Wednesday, November 24, the State Day began being the only day.

From Colonia López Arias, Isela Gutiérrez Celestino, arrived at the meeting at 8:30 in the morning where the sugar was taken, having a good result from this study, later she was formed for what her data will be taken and in this way to be able to receive attention to special studies, where appropriate a pelvic and obstetric ultrasound will be performed.

It is a check-up that I do every six months because it is free because in particular they are expensive and not all of us have the opportunity

About the topic Mr. Roberto Fernández Hernández, originally from the Centro neighborhood, he found out about the day as he passed by the place after making some personal purchases, I take advantage of the space to do a routine check with the general media, “I will do a blood chemistry analysis and complete biometry as well of an ultrasound and the electrocardiogram “.

He regretted that this type of activity was not given the correct dissemination, but he saw that the day is being occupied by citizens as there are even parents.

Finally, Guillermina Sánchez Valdivia from the San Román neighborhood She thanked this type of health conference because not everyone has the financial means to carry out studies like the ones she will do, which is an ultrasound and the Covid-19 test, these being routine studies for her that give her peace of mind.

In the same way, the children who were with their parents waiting for general medical and dental care could be seen on the day.

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It should be mentioned that the studies carried out on this day by the State Sector are: bone densitometry, taking vital signs, electrocardiogram, pelvic and obstetric ultrasounds, spirometry, antigen tests for detection of Covid-19, dental check-ups, as well as tests rapid glucose, HIV, prostate antigen and pregnancy tests.


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