This is how Kate Winslet built the character that has put her on everyone’s lips

The actress also served as a producer on the HBO series and took care of even the smallest detail to play a credible detective

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It’s been two weeks since the end of Mare of Easttown and starting the week without our new favorite detective still struggles. Fortunately, the interest that the HBO miniseries created was such that we continue to enjoy interviews and reports in which we can continue to learn the ins and outs of the production. And in Kate Winslet’s last meeting with the media, the actress shared new details about her work on the series, of which she was also a producer.

Winslet, who plays quirky female lead Mare Sheehan, has revealed that she got a chance to read the entire script in June 2018. And although he used to share with his adolescent children the content of the scripts that came to his hands, he decided to hide the content of Mare of Easttown. It was something that forced her to discuss some scenes with her husband, Edward Abel Smith, in whispers because “we could not make the children listen to anything”, worried about the harshness of some of the plots. An experience that, after the outcome of the production, led her to be “so relieved that I don’t have to keep the secret about Ryan” any longer.

Deal with suicide

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In shaping Mare, a detective who hides her feelings and is used to being defensive, Winslet spoke with people who had personal or professional experiences similar to her character. To prepare the plot of the protagonist related to the suicide of her son, the actress spoke extensively with a good friend who had experienced something similar and she told him about the conflicts that must be resolved in the years after the loss. It’s something Mare brings to a therapist’s office and for which Winslet also worked with a grief counselor.

“The enormous guilt that I knew that this woman should have felt because she had failed her son, or because if she had done things differently he would not have committed suicide, was for me the driving force,” confessed the interpreter, who also acknowledged that the therapy scenes were difficult for her to “regulate my emotions«. “I had to hold back a lot,” he continued, “Mare would not have collapsed between sobs. It’s all there, but she fights against it because that’s the way it is. So it was difficult. All those scenes were really difficult.

But the death of her son was not the only sudden loss Mare had to deal with, as her father had also committed suicide when she was a teenager. To bring to the screen the weight of pain that Winslet carried, he imagined the universe in which the tragedy had unfolded“I decided that the day Mare’s father had committed suicide and she found him they were going to a father-daughter dance at school,” she explained.

That left her feeling like it wasn’t enough. I had to create something as disturbing as that »She admitted before explaining that seeing her character she considered that when she was a child “she probably didn’t even wear dresses very often and this dress had been chosen by (her) and she was very excited to put it on and go to school for this dance . I had to create these agonizing things that I could grab onto and that were absolutely clear to me. “

Mare’s image

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As the actress has acknowledged on several occasions, one of her top priorities in dealing with her character’s image was to make her look “like a middle-aged woman from the real world.” And he believes that the affection that the audience ended up taking to the rough Mare is due to the fact that in the series “there are no filters.” “She is an imperfect and fully functioning woman, with a body and face that move in a way that is synonymous with her age, her life and where she comes from. I think we’re hungry for it«He commented.

Winslet, who for a few years has had the professional mantra of not “playing roles that feed something unattainable,” was so clear about what he wanted to bring to the screen that he did not hesitate to express it clearly to anyone who seemed not to understand it. Like when the HBO executives saw the first images of the shoot and asked if that image “so unglamorous” had to be the appearance of the protagonist. “Yeah, it has to look like shit.”, he replied.

The creative decision that her hairstyle was the closest thing to how she would look if she had just gotten up, of which lines have been written as rarely in a hair matter, it was linked to the day-to-day life of a woman like Mare or, according to Winslet, that of “most of the busy mothers I know, just like me.”, that is, “a woman who looked in the mirror when she brushed her teeth in the morning and did not look in the mirror again all day.”

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Craig Zobel, Director of Mare of Easttown, has acknowledged that Winslet “I had a very clear idea and was very involved in hair and makeup decisions” and much of the credit for how realistic Mare is goes to the actress. He had to deal with her himself when he told her that he was going to retouch the sex scene with Guy Pearce, something to which she simply replied “don’t you dare.”

“Decisions were made about what her eyebrows were like that we adjusted to be appropriate in terms of costumes,” Zobel revealed about the level of detail that went into creating the character’s image. And when it comes to dressing her, Winslet has also shared that she usually Mare’s clothes were thrown on the floor, to make them look worn and wrinkled and that the costume department purchases for her character occurred “whenever we found something unflattering.”

Mare and Lori

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Mare of Easttown has conquered us for several reasons but one of the main ones is hehe beautiful friendship between the character of Winslet and that of Julianne Nicholson, who plays Lori Ross. It is a chemistry that has years of experience, since the second husband of the British, Sam Mendes, is a friend of Nicholson’s husband, and Winslet was at their wedding and held their first child in his arms within hours of birth.

The performer who rose to fame with Titanic has acknowledged that “she knew we needed her for Lori” because «I felt that there is a gentleness in her as a person and as a mother in which I see myself». And when he proposed it, Nicholson told him that he wanted to know what was wrong with his character, something to which Winslet refused, because he could not tell him, but to which he added that “if you don’t say yes to playing this role I think I can Promise you that you will regret it.

This must have been enough for Nicholson because he agreed. And Winslet has acknowledged that it felt «Connected with her in every moment we had together». “There was an inherent trust and an intrinsic story,” he added before acknowledging that “acting with her was so special.”

‘Mare of Easttown’ is available on HBO Spain.

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