The reason Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst didn’t speak to each other in their new movie

The work of some actors can touch certain extremes when filming. The method behind the interpretations of figures such as Christian bale or Ryan gosling, who get very fully into the characters that they have to carry out on the screen. Something similar happened during The Power of the Dog, film that will come to Netflix December 1st.

In the film directed by Jane campion, nominated for her work on The Piano and winner of Oscar for the script of said film, Benedict Cumberbatch he puts himself in the shoes of Phil, a cowboy who works on a ranch with his brother, George (Jesse plemons). His brutal and ruthless ways will have as a victim the recent wife of George, interpreted by Kirsten dunst.

Apparently, the actors carried out their characters’ personalities thoroughly and did not respect them while on set, even though the camera was turned off. This was confirmed Cumberbatch, who revealed that he did not shower during filming and declined to answer by his real name on set. “I didn’t want to be mean to Kirsten, but he had to stay in character “, said the protagonist of Doctor Strange.

In a recent interview with Radio times, Dunst confirmed that it repeated this mechanism. “I isolated myself from Benedict. We don’t talk to each other during filming unless we were having dinner over the weekend, together, or we were playing with our children “, said the actress. In addition, he was in charge of highlighting that Cumberbatch it was very “educated”.

The Ryan Gosling case

Ryan gosling is another actor who often becomes his character while filming a movie and this was something he did during Lars and the real girl. In the movie of Craig gillespie, Gosling he puts himself in the shoes of a young man with problems expressing his emotions and buys an adult doll online, with which he becomes a partner. During the filming of the film, the doll was treated and made up as if it were an actress and was transferred in a wheelchair outside the set when it was not required, to “humanize” it and respect the creative process of Ryan.

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