the new adventure with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart could come sooner than anticipated

I have to admit that ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ caught me off guard very, very low. Without eating or drinking it I came across a hilarious, self-aware adventure movie who updated the original formula under the direction of a more than solvent Jake Kasdan and the interpretations of a cast in a state of grace captained by the fireproof Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

Back to the game

Two years later, its sequel ‘Next Level’ managed not only to keep the freshness of its predecessor, but to raise a few $ 800 million that invited us to think that a new era was a matter of time. Now, thanks to an interview with ComicBook, we have learned from the hand of producer Hiram García —’Welcome to the jungle ‘,’ Next level ‘,’ Red alert’-, that ‘Jumanji 4’ is closer than expected.

“We have a great idea [para la siguiente ‘Jumanji’], so we’re like crazy. We will get back to it soon. Obviously the goal is something after … Jake [Kasdan] he’s doing ‘Red One’ for us, so that’s next. But sometime after ‘Red One’ premieres, ‘Jumanji’ will be ready. I think we will have everything ready by then, and that we can get on with the third part. “

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In Garcia’s words, the next ‘Jumanji’ seems to be on the priority list, and there seems to be full confidence in the project. Something normal if we take into account the fantastic precedents.

“It’s going to be good man. It’s funny and smart. It’s a really smart approach. And Jake [Kasdan] he’s been leading the project, and he’s brilliant. “

We will be up to date with any news in this regard.

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