Sergio Pérez revealed what he bought with his first Formula 1 salary

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Sergio Pérez confessed some intimacies in an interview.

Checo revealed what he bought with his first Formula 1 salary
© Getty ImagesCheco revealed what he bought with his first Formula 1 salary

Today he is one of the pilots with the best salary of all the Formula 1, But the reality is that Sergio Pérez had to fight a lot to get where he is. After years of sacrifice, the Mexican entered the highest international motorsport competition in the year 2011: he was hired by the team Sauber to be teammates with Japanese Kamui Kobayashi, who was the team’s leading rider.

The seasons passed and Checo was signed by McLaren, Force India, Racing Point and in this 2021 by Red Bull Racing. His salary was increasing due to his growth on the track, something totally predictable. A very interesting question that most athletes are asked is what did they spend their first major salary on, and this is something that the America fan had to answer.

In dialogue with the GQ magazine, Sergio Pérez confessed his great hidden passion: that of watches. “I am not very close to fashion, I do not like to wear brands, but with watches it is another story. In a moment I decided that every time something very special or important happened to me in my life, I would celebrate it by buying a watch. I wanted to give a meaning to the fact, regardless of the piece, but to rememberhe explained.

He later revealed: “I bought a watch with the first salary of my life, in my first F1 podium, in my first victory, in the birth of my children, in my wedding … Each watch represents something in my life and in the race of Mexico they gave me one created for me so I’m happy to have that piece to remember that day. ”

How much does Sergio Pérez earn at Red Bull?

According to numbers delivered by the prestigious Forbes magazine, Sergio Pérez is the fourth highest paid driver in Formula 1 currently. The table leads her Lewis Hamilton with 46.74 million euros; follow it Max Verstappen with 21.25 million euros and close the podium Fernando Alonso, with the same amount as the Dutch. Czech appears behind, but with one big difference: it has a salary of 4.25 million euros, but in terms of bonus is pocketed another 11.05, so he charges about 15.30 million.


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