Ronaldinho is in danger of going back to jail

One more time, Ronaldinho is in the eye of the hurricane. The Brazilian could go back to jail, now for some problems that he has with the Brazilian justice, for the payment of a pension to his ex-wife, Priscilla Coelho.

According to information from Diarios Extra and Diario do Northeast Brazil, the former player of teams such as Barcelona, Milan, PSG, among others, the new judicial problems could send again to ‘Dinho‘ to jail.

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Ronaldinho Paraguay

Ronaldinho would go to jail

The same source points out that Priscilla Coelho, ex-wife of the Brazilian star, is demanding the payment of 100,000 Brazilian reais and Ronaldinho you have until next December 11 to settle. Otherwise, he would go back to jail.

In the following weeks we could have news about ‘Dinho‘. At the beginning of the Champions League, the Brazilian had been present at the stadium of Paris Saint Germain, where he met again with

Lionel messi
, with whom he shared equipment in the Barcelona.

Ronaldinho has already been in jail

It was in 2020 when Ronaldinho was in jail Paraguay. On that occasion, he was sentenced for falsifying documents, along with his brother. Later, the Brazilian paid a bond to stay under house arrest, in a hotel in AsunciĆ³n.

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