PHOTO: Consumer denounces Soriana for simulating offer in six of Carta Blanca beer

A consumer exhibited the self-service store Soriana for inflating the price of a six se beer from the Carta Blanca brand to simulate an offer. The complaint reached Profeco, which urged the buyer to report the incident.

Mexico City, November 23 (However) .- Through social networks, a consumer denounced than a branch of the convenience store Soriana simulated a offer to the inflate the price of a six of beer Of the brand White card.

Through a publication on his Twitter account, the user explained that it is a buyer frequent of this brand of beer, so you know its approximate cost. However, on this occasion, Soriana assured that the real price of the drink is 80 pesos for six cans, but that by offer it was temporarily in 45 pesos.

Therefore, the consumer decided to take a photograph, which he shared with his tweet, and display Soriana, since he assured that the six of beer Carta Blanca, 355 milliliters each, has an approximate original cost of between 45 pesos and 52 pesos.

The consumer also explained that the package of six small beers in a glass container, which many know as “caguamitas”, costs around 60 pesos, a situation that was made known to the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), which you tagged in your post.

In response, the federal agency urged the user to report the simulated offer immediately, by email: [email protected], in which in addition to expressing your complaint you should provide your name and the full address of the establishment where the event occurred.

It should be noted that according to some self-service stores that have a website, where you can make purchases online, the price of a package of canned beer, of 355 milliliters each, of the Carta Blanca brand is around 45 pesos at 52 pesos. For example, in Chedraui it is priced at 45 pesos, while at Walmart and Bodega Aurrera it is at 52 pesos.

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