Only in Mexico! They sell an armchair shaped like a “chorizo” and PHOTO goes viral on networks

Internet has expanded the range of platforms that offer the sale of products online, the catalog of options is as immense as the same range of products, and although everyone seeks to make the purchase of the ideal product, it goes without saying that genres are broken in tastes and there is never a lack of options that break with the established schemes and suddenly become the dream of any product collector extravagant.

Such was the case of a sofa in the shape of an “L” that was put up for sale on an internet site, in which it was offered to the highest bidder, however its particular color and design of the same made him earn the appellation of “chair made of chorizo”. It was enough for a single person to come up with the name for the netizens They will begin to make fun of this sofa that, from a distance, could undoubtedly fool someone who is distracted.

Product photography soon went viral thanks to numerous reactions and comments from users, who did not hesitate to laugh at the peculiar offer, which caused its reach to extend through the networks and now thousands of Internet users already know of its existence. Among the funniest comments, it was assured that these situations could only occur in Mexico, referring to the fact that people usually put the sale even what for other eyes would be impossible to offer.

The strangest products that have been put on sale on the internet

The chicken helmet is available in various models, colors and sizes. PHOTO: Special

Chicken helmets: Incredible as it may sound, on the platform AliExpress, founded in 2010 by Chinese companies, you can find cases for sale for chickens. Yes, as it reads. You never know when someone will want to protect their chickens against a blow, and it is better to avoid one injury that may affect them. The interesting thing, in addition to the data as such, is that they can be obtained in different models, colors and sizes, so you can always choose the one that best suits the tastes of the buyer. The helmets are very accessible, as they have a cost of two euros, approximately 48 Mexican pesos, already include shipping costs.

The hake-shaped sandals have a cost of 10 euros, approximately 240 Mexican pesos. PHOTO: Special

Fish-shaped sandals: Without a doubt, footwear is very important for all people, and comfortIn addition to the design, it is usually an extra attraction for the consumer to purchase. However, it is clear that not all people seek the same thing and it seems that sellers have understood that very well. In particular those that offer for sale flip flops shaped like hake, at a cost of 10 euros, approximately 240 pesos Mexicans, an excellent option for fans of the maritime or the eclectic. If your desire is to attract looks of the others, you can get them in green, silver and blue.

The only downside to socks is that they are one size fits all. PHOTO: Special

Nicolas Cage face socks: The famous actor from Hollywood he catapulted to stardom thanks to “An Angel In Love”, that film that became a hit in theaters; for his admirers it may be “normal” to look for some objects that remind him of him on the internet, but we agree that wearing a pair of socks with his face, it’s already extreme. But if there is supply, it is because there is demand for the product, and this is how these peculiar socks came to be offered in the platforms. You can also have yours by purchasing them on AliExpress, the only detail is that they are from size only.


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