Mauricio Leal: Legal Medicinal Opinion is key to the investigation

What happened? The researchers have two central hypotheses in this case: a suicide and a homicide. At the moment, neither of the two can be ruled out since there are elements that generate contradiction about the time, manner and place in which the events were presented.

The note found next to Leal’s body It is analyzed by graphologists who want to establish if that is indeed their handwriting. or if you received any kind of pressure when writing it. This work can last several days since the document is analyzed by several experts who apply different techniques to find a differential pattern.

A stab that was found in the stylist’s room is also analyzed to find out if it was indeed used by Leal to perform the lacerations and if the blood corresponds to yours. This check can also last several days.

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The Attorney General’s Office awaits the opinion of Legal Medicine on the wounds that the two bodies presented, the way in which they were generated, the existence of a toxic substance in the body, among many other data that may shed light on this death.

Researchers they already have the statements of the first people who arrived at the place and they found the bodies without life: a hired driver and Leal’s brother, who was in charge of notifying the authorities.

In addition, the security camera circuit in the area is reviewed and they verify if there were recording equipment inside the house. This in order to carry out a roadmap of the movements and verify the existence of foreign elements.


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