Itatí Cantoral devastated by the health of Carmen Salinas

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Itatí Cantoral / Mexico Agency

Itatí Cantoral was very moved when talking about the complicated state of health that Carmen Salinas is going through, who has been admitted to the StarMédica hospital since last November 10 as a result of a brain hemorrhage.

It is a very difficult moment for me because my mother died, and now this woman who is like my mother, because personally it moved me a lot and it continues to move me and I want her to leave the hospital as soon as possible … because if there is a woman who has prompted me to be what I am now as an artist I owe to Carmen Salinas“Cantoral said during the presentation of his line called” Itatí, Moda con purpose “.

The telenovela protagonist nostalgically recalled the actions and learnings full of love that Dona Carmen has given her over the years. “She showed me, with her love and affection, and through all her art, her films, her soap operas and Aventurera, the great capacity she has to be a woman”, He expressed.

Immediately after, The actress confessed that Carmen’s state made her remember all the pain she felt with the death of the woman who gave her life. “The moment I said goodbye to my mother in the hospital bed, I promised myself that absolutely no one is going to stop me but the force of God. The fear was removed, when I saw that my mother died, I no longer had any fear left, when I realized that my parents were gone and that I am still alive, and that I did not die of the pain, I realized that the pain it is strength in the creator, and that the only thing I can do to continue loving my mother in life, doing her example, is what I know she would tell me to do ”.

It should be remembered that Itatí was part of the great cast of actresses who have given life to “Elena Terejo” in the play “Aventurera”, a project that she led Carmen Salinas, for which she many times assured that both Cantoral and Edith González had been the best protagonists.


IN VIDEO: This is how Itatí Cantoral sang to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

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