‘I don’t like how America plays, I would love for them to be more offensive’

The governor of Morelos and former soccer player America, Cuauhtémoc White, took advantage of his visit to the residence of the Qatar on Mexico, Mohamed Al Kuwari, to give your opinion about the Classic Capitalino Quarterfinals between America and Cougars, and highlighted the danger posed by college students for his old team.

In that sense, the ‘Cuau‘he even pointed out that the way of playing Eagles is not to his liking, so he expects a more offensive game from the team of Solari.

Santiago Solari, coach of the Eagles

“I don’t like how he plays America, even if it hurts. La Liguilla is another ticket. Cougars eliminated Toluca, which for me was a better team, and it was a surprise, so do not scare the America. I don’t think it happens, but it is viable. I would love for them to play more offensively, I don’t know what happens to them, but I don’t see the team loose, “he said. Cuauhtémoc White.

Despite this, the Governor of Morelos revealed who his title candidates are and unsurprisingly, the eagles are in first place.


“I see champion America, to Monterey, to Tigers and Lion. Like everyone in the League there are surprises. Everyone favored Blue Cross but Monterrey he has a good team and is a candidate to be champion ”, he added.

Finally, who was the 10 Americanist for many years, expressed his appreciation for Sebastian Cordova, who considers that he has been criticized too much and cast a vote of confidence for the new ’10’ of the nest.

Sebastián Córdova in celebration with America

“That the kid goes well, that he brings out the breed. He is a good player, who reflects on the things he has done well and what he has done wrong. I think that a lot has been criticized Cordova but let’s expect more from him. Hopefully he will put the batteries in the league and show that he is a great player, “he concluded.


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