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From the first time we saw him perform in X-Men in 2000, Jackman transformed his physique into a well-defined six pack, wide pecs and marked arms to look like a true superhero.

Over the years, he has managed to maintain his body thanks to having maintained a good eating plan focused on gaining muscle without having to increase fat levels, but how did he do it?

“I don’t do more than an hour, but the training is very intense,” he said. As for this, I was following a rigorous bulking circuit twice a week, with two days off between workouts. The weight should be the maximum that can be lifted, in this way it ensures that you will be close to muscle failure after the last repetition of each set.

His favorite exercises are those dedicated to the chest like bench press, chest fly with dumbbells on an incline bench, close grip bench press, dips and push ups. This has to be done in 3 sets of 8-6-4 reps each, with a last set of one rep at maximum. Before doing so, make sure there is someone to help you with the weight.

It is a very important point, because after acquiring the volume The next thing to do is mark and define the muscles that were worked. For this it is necessary to remember, lose weight and do more repetitions, in addition to improving cardiovascular work.

The muscular work is the same as the previous one: in 4 sets of 10 to 14 repetitions per series, You simply have to do a cardio interval with two options, the first is on the treadmill, which has to be done at 1 or 2% incline and at 85% of the maximum speed of each person. The other option is to do the rower, achieve 2km in 7 minutes or achieve in 1 min. 45s 500 meters and maintain speed as much as possible.

According to his coach, David Kingsbury, Hugh took the time to reinforce the specific goals by working on their weaknesses and taking into account the time they had to work. In the actor’s case, Jackman worked nearly 14 hours a week, about the same as a part-time job.

The diet is varied depending on the stage in which it is, either consuming 6,000 kcal per day to gain volume or reducing it to 3,500 kcal to cut weight. However, he continued with a nutritional principle, carbohydrate cycling, or moving from consume carbs on weight training days to minimize them on the following days.

  • Training tips

Among the best tips David Kingsbury offers for an effective and functional workout to get Hugh Jackman’s body are:

-Train in the morning if possible.

-Have a good warm-up, not just cardio, but the necessary movements before adding the weight.

-Work in progressive weights, always increase it and with a daily training to see the progress.

-Change some postures, grip, time and speed, in this way the body keeps working and does not get used to any routine.

-Don’t focus on finishing the exercise, focus on what you are doing.

-Having a trainer helps a lot, especially in reviewing postures and movements to avoid injuries.

-Sleep at least 7 hours a day. |


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