Frenchman Karim Benzema sentenced to prison

Karim Benzema player of the

Real Madrid
and from the French team he received a sentence of prison one-year conditional and a fine of 75 thousand euros for participating in the blackmail attempt against his former partner of the French representative; Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape.

Thursday of the quarterfinals of the Liga BBVA MX on TV Azteca Deportes

The problem is that Benzema is accused of pressuring Valbuena to pay the blackmailers and preventing a video from being made public where the now Olympiakos player, Valbuena, appeared, the people who had this video asked for 150 thousand euros. This event occurred 6 years ago.

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and does not show up

According to a statement from the Versailles prosecutor’s office, “after a statement in front of a judge in charge of the investigation, Mr. Karim Benzema he has been charged with complicity in blackmail and for participating in a criminal association with the intention of organizing a crime punishable by at least 5 years in prison ”.

The attacker’s attorneys will appeal the penalty they are sure they will win. Because they consider the punishment imposed on him ridiculous.

“It is an unfair decision, without evidence. How can he be an accomplice if he was not aware of the maneuver? “- his lawyer Antoine Vey.

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The Best


No, Karim Benzema will not go to jail unless he participates in an act like this again. But if you will have to pay the financial fine that they have set the maximum.


Being an act that occurred more than 6 years ago and that both the Spanish team and its representative knew it for a long time, it is expected that the player’s calls, nor his participation with the merengue team, will not be modified. Although so far they have not spoken about it.


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