F1 2021: Checo Prez reveals his plans after his retirement from Formula 1

Sergio ‘Checo’ Prez is in one of the best moments of his sports career, with the possibility of finish third in the drivers’ championship and of help Red Bull take the hegemony away from Mercedes in the constructors’ championship.

Adapting to his RB16B was not easy for the covered rider, however, despite the obstacles he has had throughout the year, he acknowledges that at this point he must not give in to mistakes to achieve this goal.

“I know I have had ups and downs this season, but in the end the work has paid off. Today I am fighting for third place overall and to achieve it I have to be perfect in the following races and thus get that great position, “said Prez in an interview for the magazine GQ.

Likewise, the Red Bull driver emphasizes that his maximum goal is still to be world champion, although he recognizes that there are only a few years left to achieve although for now retirement is not an option, This time will come to enjoy his family, but while that happens, he promises to do his best.

“My dream is to become a world champion.I am aware that I do not have many years left. I want to enjoy my children and I want to be with my family, but from here to retirement I want to give absolutely everything. This year I have worked like never before in adapting and my family has been there in every change; It has not been easy, but what is of my career, I will give everything “, added Prez.

Checo, celebrating with his wife Carola and their son, Chequito

Checo, celebrating with his wife Carola and their son, Chequito

The fate after his retirement from Formula 1

Outside of sports, Checo Prez is also clear about his plans. The Red Bull driver confesses that once he retires from Formula 1 he does not intend to continue in the world of motorsport As often happens with some athletes, they prefer to lead a life out of the spotlight, although always supporting the new generations.

“No, it is very clear to me. I would like to start in the business world, off the slopes and the spotlight. I am a person who likes his privacy a lot and be out of the cameras. I would love to support new generations, but very outside, looking for normality. I have always been proud of the Mexican pilots who paved the way for me and left their mark, and seek to support those who follow.

“The Mexico’s legacy in motorsports is not only in the Rodriguez Brothers or in me, There are many people who wrote and are part of the history of this sport. I used to admire many footballers, but today I admire any athlete who is at the highest level because I already know what it means to compete ah. I personally I admire Carlos Slim Domit very much, who is an example that has guided me in life and I want to follow another path “, revealed Checo.

Czech P

Checo Prez with Carlos Slim Domit on the podium of the 2021 Mexican GP

Red Bull completely changed his life

Czech Prez too He remembered his arrival at the Milton Keynes squire and how taking this great leap in his career changed his life in every way, as well as the sacrifices what did he have to do to be today in the place of your dreams.

“It has been a major challenge to be competing at this level and with a team that is fighting for the world championship. I had practically no time to adapt to the squire and got straight to work. I pulled myself out, as they say, ‘the tiger raffle’ And I couldn’t take advantage or understand the car to the fullest until we were already in the season, but it is what it is; It was my dream and I took it.

“My life changed completely. I had to change physically because this car demands much more from you and mentally I had to strengthen myself and be at the level of a world brand that gives you a different exposure and that brings responsibilities. The level of work increased a lot. Before I was calmer “, concluded.

Czech P

Checo Prez aboard his RB16B in Interlagos


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