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• Ensuring safe school environments is a priority for the State Executive

In order to comply with the sanitary protocols in the return to face-to-face classes, Governor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo gave the starting signal for the delivery of health and cleaning supplies to basic education schools.

“This activity raises our commitment to the people of Morelos in the process of educational reopening in the state,” said the state president during the formal event at the “Narciso Mendoza” Primary School, located in the center of the municipality of Cuautla.

He stressed that, in addition to complying with the necessary sanitary measures, it seeks to guarantee healthy coexistence and face-to-face education, so “we endorse the commitment to continue providing hygiene and cleaning supplies to all schools, in order to stop the chain of infections by COVID-19 “.

The chief executive indicated that his administration works to reinforce the strategies that generate safe environments in the state’s public schools and called on girls, boys, parents and teachers to continue taking care of themselves, since the disease continues .

He affirmed that he is sure that Morelos will come out of this health emergency. “Remember, we are living a new normal, you are the generation of change and this forces us to be better every day, in all aspects,” he told those present.

Cuauhtémoc Blanco mentioned that, to achieve this action, extraordinary financial resources were managed, which was not easy at all, however, it was worth knowing that students will be more protected against the pandemic in the classrooms.

The Secretary of Education, Luis Arturo Cornejo Alatorre, asserted that 38 million 885 thousand 635 pesos were invested for the purchase of 6 thousand packages of one thousand pieces of heat-sealed pleated three-layer masks, 26 thousand 430 gallons of 4 liters of 70 percent alcohol gel , 12 thousand 334 20-liter jugs of chlorine, 12 thousand 334 20-liter jugs of antibacterial liquid soap for hands and 22 thousand 906 bags of 10 kilos of biodegradable powder detergent, benefiting 370 thousand pre-school, primary and secondary school students in the 1,746 public educational centers of the entity, as well as 20,000 teachers and administrative workers at the same levels.

“These actions provide the conditions for a safe return to school, and this is based on the multiple benefits that the school provides to our society. When children and adolescents attend school a sense of normality, stability, structure and hope for the future is generated, which all societies need in times of crisis ”, said the official.

For his part, Eliacín Salgado de la Paz, pointed out that today schools report an average of 75 percent attendance of male and female students on a voluntary basis.

«Loyal to your instruction, Mr. Governor, today the teachers of Morelos reaffirm our commitment to work for the construction of an increasingly egalitarian and equitable society, which guarantees respect for all our rights, especially the noblest of them: the right to education, “he stressed.

On behalf of the benefited school community, Marina Amaro Munguía, Mother of the family, recognized the effort and dedication for the benefit of the students, as well as thanked the support they have provided in this administration.

“Today I say thank you for your intervention to care for and protect our children from this pandemic and allow them to continue studying and living with their classmates, which they so much needed,” he said.

At the event were the Secretary of Administration, Sandra Anaya Villegas; the Legal Counsel, Samuel Sotelo Salgado and Juan García Flores, director of the “Narciso Mendoza” Elementary School.

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