Champions League | AC Milan puts the rope around Atlético de Madrid’s neck

Authentic final that Atlético de Madrid faced today. Protagonist of an irregular league in which he had only been able to add four points in the same number of rounds, Diego Pablo Simeone’s men faced each other with the only rival he had been able to defeat to date in this edition of the Champions League.

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In front, an AC Milan that has disappointed in its return to the top continental competition and had only been able to score one point. Frame performance rossonero that Stefano Pioli trains is radically different when he plays in Serie A and when he does so in the aforementioned Champions League. Co-leader of the transalpine championship together with Naples, the Lombards are far from their level in Europe.

Atlético de Madrid gets tangled in the spider’s web

The The needs of each team seemed the start of the shock. Stripped of any option, AC Milan was cautious against an Atlético de Madrid who had come out with everything and already two minutes later they had a clear scoring opportunity. Ferreira Carrasco unbalanced with the left-handed side of the attack and served the ball to Rodrigo de Paul, who had all the goal for him but sent his shot away while the Metropolitano was left with the sound of the goal in his throat.

As the minutes passed, the visitors settled on the grass and little by little they seized the ball. It is, this Lombard squad, a tremendously balanced team and well worked by a Pioli that gets the best possible performance from its squad. Despite the absence of glittering stars, the rossoneri they are presented as a complicated team to bend. Of this they can give was the rojiblancos players, who started losing in the first leg and could only turn around after the expulsion of Kessié.

The game was advancing but Atlético de Madrid did not feel comfortable on the pitch. The high pressure of the Italians made it difficult to get the ball out and, when they did with the ball, AC Milan wove long plays and prevented Diego Simeone’s men from recovering quickly and could counterattack. In this way, the greatest danger was in the speed and skill of Ferreira Carrasco … although it was not enough.

Puncture, and end in Porto … looking at Milan

Atlético de Madrid came out eager after the break. As at the beginning of the clash, Simeone’s men tried to surround the visiting goal and even enjoyed a clear opportunity at Carrasco’s feet, that after receiving from Antoine Griezmann he could not score what would have been 1-0. Five minutes had not yet elapsed since the restart.

The better news for the rojiblancos came from England. The reason was the goals of Liverpool, which made it 2-0 against Porto and left the Portuguese on the ropes. However, there was a rojiblanco goal missing so that the day was totally round for their interests. Nevertheless, It was AC Milan that took the lead when the match was dying through Messias Junior (0-1) and forced Atlético de Madrid to win in Porto (and that the Italians do not do the same with Liverpool) in the last journey to be in the next phase.

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