Benzema, convicted of blackmail in the Valbuena case

The forward of the Real Madrid, Karim Benzema, will go to trial in Appeal of the case “Valbuena“, after being sentenced this Wednesday in the first instance to a year in jail exempted from compliance for complicity in blackmailing his former teammate in the selection with a sex video, his lawyers announced.

Benzema he will come in Appeal to explain himself and the facts will be clarified, “said one of his lawyers. Antoine vey, which considered the sentence “unfair”, while ensuring that the attacker has been informed of it in the concentration of the Real Madrid in Moldova to play a key duel of the Champions League.

The lawyer regretted that the court took into account his absence during the three days that the process lasted a month ago and recalled that the judges accepted his professional excuses, since the hearing took place between two important matches of his team. “It may be difficult to judge such a media case,” he added. Vey.

Benzema reacts during Real Madrid's game against Espanyol

Sylvain Cormier, the usual French lawyer, considered “contradictory” that the sentence “recognizes that Benzema he was not aware of the previous maneuvers “but” pointed out that he could not ignore them. “


The judges were severe with the forward of the Real Madrid, whom they accused of having lied to Valbuena and of having done it also during his following statements.

The sentence states that Benzema He was “personally involved” in the blackmail that Valbuena was being subjected to and contributed to its consistency during the meeting that the two held at Clairefontaine during a national team rally in October 2015.

That conversation constitutes the key element on which the accusation rested, which also relied on the subsequent telephone call that Benzema kept with his childhood friend, Karim Zenati, to account for it.

Valbuena and Benzema in concentration with the French National Team in 2014

The verdict also takes into account the influence that Benzema could have about Valbuena, being one of the pillars of the selection who addressed the victim to, “by subterfuge and lies, convince him to accept blackmail.”

The forward’s lawyers rejected those arguments and considered the reasoning for the verdict to be contradictory, according to which his client was unaware of the blackmailers’ actions, but was an accessory to the blackmail.

Benzema must, in addition, compensate with 80 thousand euros to Valbuena, to whom the court recognized a high moral damage, since that case affected him personally, in his relations with his wife, and professionally, since he never again wore the ‘Bleu’ of the national team.


Benzema laments with the Merengues


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