‘Anyone would be excited to qualify in a Repechage’

Henry Martin, forward of America pointed out that the statements of Erik Lira and several of his teammates, who claimed they will beat those of Coapa, and warned that they are going to show it on the field.

“We are not going to respond to that. If I saw the videos, I saw what they said and it seemed to me that it was the moment of euphoria and I think anyone would be excited to qualify in a Repechage. We are focused on what we are doing and we are going to speak on the field, ”declared the Yucatecan at a press conference.

Henry Martín in action with the Eagles

Martin He also said that at Eagles They are not worried about the good closing it had Cougars in the Regular Phase, because despite the fact that they did not have a pleasant end to the season, they did learn from their mistakes so as not to distribute them in the Liguilla.

“If you don’t worry at all, I think that any team in those instances the one that gets to touch you is going to be complicated, because it is already a Liguilla, it has been shown in tournaments that it does not matter how you come, it matters what you do on the court. and it helped us to have lost in some moments to learn from those mistakes and not make them again ”, he concluded.

Henry Martín in celebration with the Eagles

“In our case it was good for us (the stoppage) because we recovered several teammates who came from an injury, at this moment the stoppage was very good for us to recover all,” said number 21.



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