Agreement validated in Congress for the IMSS to build Family Medicine Unit in Ramos Arizpe

In order for the Mexican Institute of Social Security to build a Family Medicine Unit in Ramos Arizpe, the LXII Legislature of the State Congress unanimously approved the Opinion of the Finance Commission with a Draft Decree that validates a agreement approved by the City Council of the Municipality of Ramos Arizpe, to dispose of free of charge in favor of the IMSS.

This area is made up of two properties located in the “Valle Poniente” subdivision, in Ramos Arizpe. This area was disincorporated from the municipal public domain, with Decree number 97 issued by the State Congress, published in the Official Newspaper of the State Government, on October 5, 2021.

The opinion of the Finance Commission, coordinated by Deputy Jesús María Montemayor Garza, indicates that the Ramos Arizpe City Council met the necessary requirements for the origin of the sale of the surface in question.

This disposal will allow Social Security to fulfill its functions to benefit the entire community, providing a favorable space to expand its health services that are so much needed today, which will provide a social benefit to the inhabitants of that sector. (THE HERALD)

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