When is Black Friday 2021 in Mexico and offers are coming?

If you did not have the time or money to do your shopping during the Good end that took place in recent days, we have good news for you since you still have the option of Black Friday 2021, which is also a weekend where you can find lower prices and promotions to purchase products.

The first thing you should know is that Black Friday or Black Friday are days when buyers can find sales and offers, this event takes place the day after Thanksgiving.

When is Black Friday 2021 in Mexico and offers are coming? Photo: Freepik

How Black Friday was born

It usually marks the beginning of the end of the year sales and is a good opportunity to save and buy all the gifts you need at a lower price than normal. Its origin dates back to the city of Philadelphia in the United States, the name comes from the days that were lived after Thanksgiving due to the chaos and traffic that arose from shopping.

Although there is no specific date for this event, in the United States it takes place one day after Thanksgiving. In Mexico, it will be held on November 25 and 26. It should be noted that from November 27 to 29, it will take place on Cyber ​​Monday, where hundreds of companies offer products with great discounts.

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One of the companies that will join Black Friday 2021 is Amazon, during those days it will offer discounts, coupons and offers on electronics, computer, home, kitchen, clothing, fashion, sports, video games, baby, toys, office and stationery products, books, music, food and beauty.

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To be able to buy you must have an account, the payment options that it handles are various, from debit and credit cards, purchase at Amazon and pay in cash at OXXO, Amazon Rechargeable, months without interest, cash payments with Amazon Cash, credit cards. gift, and digital gift cards.

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