What is stroke? Disease that almost killed Marlene Favela

The followers of the actress, Marlene favela They expressed their concern after learning that the television star experienced difficult health moments due to a stroke, a condition that was close to causing his death.

Despite being considered a true television star, the model and actress opened her heart to tell the moments of terror she lived after presenting health problems that led her to the south hospitalized in an emergency.

What illness did Marlene Favela have?

As you know, the 44-year-old actress achieved much of her popularity after standing out in productions such as “Rubí”, “La Desalmada” and “El Señor de los Cielos”, series in which she gave acting chair as the lead.

For this reason, her millions of followers were in shock after the actress gave an interview to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda in which she spoke about the stroke she suffered months before becoming a mother.

Without keeping anything, Marlene favela He explained that he began to feel bad during a flight from Mexico to the city of Miami, Florida in the United States.

After presenting the first symptoms, the actress made the decision to take a slight rest; however, she began to feel worse and asked to be taken to a hospital for a doctor to assess her situation.

It was at that time that she was subjected to different studies and analyzes that showed that she suffered a stroke, so she had to undergo surgery to address the problem and avoid further complications.

After spending three weeks in intensive care and undergoing surgery, the actress went ahead with an optimal recovery because immediately after being operated on, she resumed her career as one of the most prominent actresses in Mexico.

what is a stroke?

A stroke is caused when the flow of blood to the brain is interrupted, causing cells to die within minutes, causing long-term damage.

Some of the symptoms that occur are paralysis, “tingling” or numbness in the face and extremities. In addition, there are problems walking, understanding and communicating.


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