What are the jobs with the highest and lowest demand in Mexico

Skills are the main element to get a job, make a change in industry or sector, participate in new roles in the organization, reveals a study prepared by ManpowerGroup, a global company specialized in means humans.

Just the soft skills, in combination with the digital and technological knowledge, became the backbone of the profile that organizations look for in people to manage resources, drive digitization and face the volatility of the context for the next year.

Talent Solution by ManpowerGroup has identified that the jobs most in demand due to the pandemic have changed, targeting profiles with technological skills.

Jobs with the highest and lowest demand in Mexico

According to an analysis prepared by this firm, focused on the attraction, acquisition, development, training and retention of talent, 48% of companies are accelerating their digitization and automation as a result of the pandemic and 91% of the employers who are automating plan to increase their workforces or at least keep them.

In his follow-up he found that all the industries in their digitization process have opened positions with knowledge in systems engineering, software development, and data analysis, which is increasing in demand.

The job opportunities that are on the rise They are in order of importance: scientific data analyst; specialist in artificial intelligence and machine learning; Big Data specialist; specialists in strategy and digital marketing; and specialist in project automation.

On the other hand, jobs with repetitive tasks are those that decrease their level of demand for personnel, such as: data capture assistant; administrative and executive secretaries, accounting staff, factory and assembly workers, as well as business service and administration managers.

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In the country, the shortage of personnel with this new profile is concentrated in key sectors such as Logistics and Manufacturing, both of which report great difficulty in recruiting the right candidate.

Mexico is an attractive country in talent for its ability to learn technical skills, a strategic advantage that needs to be strengthened. Talent Solutions concluded that it is essential that people update their profile.

It is time for them to train and specialize to apply in the strategic activities of companies.

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