Up to eight players would leave Cruz Azul for the Clausura 2022 – David Medrano


Between seven and eight players from the current squad of Blue Cross they are not part of Juan Reynoso’s plans for the next tournament, which means that the cement board will have to make decisions. Orbelín Pineda, Yoshimar Yotún and Walter Montoya end their contract and are free, while players like Lucas Passerini, Bryan Angulo, Adrián Aldrete, Quick Mendoza and Rómulo Otero do not consider them the Peruvian strategist and it will be the leaders’ job to find them a place and later be able to get reinforcements to cover those positions. The problem is that the cement manufacturers are going through economic problems at the management level, and for that reason they could not reinforce the squad after the title. For the same reason, they could not renew those who finished their contract and go free.


Defining the future of players such as José Antonio Rodríguez, Miguel Jiménez, Jose Carlos Van Rankin, Alexis Peña, Chicote Calderón, Fernando Beltrán, Miguel Ponce and Cesar Huerta, among others, is the priority in Guadalajara before considering possible incorporations, since These are elements that have a contract with the institution and in case of not accommodating them, Guadalajara would have to cover their salary since they have a contract. The rojiblancos consider that there are some cases of footballers that could be interesting enough to be able to seek an exchange. They also have soccer players in Tapatío such as Macías, Aguayo, Pérez and Márquez, who they would look for accommodation either in Expansión or in MX League.


Some players of Chivas and Cruz Azul before leaving on vacation received the recommendation to take care of themselves and in the way possible to stay active on their own, since they are in Gerardo Martino’s plans for the friendly match that Mexico will hold against Chile on December 8 in Austin, Texas. The national team intends to travel on December 6, the same day the holidays will end and they do not want the players to go directly from vacation to play due to the risk of injury. Alexis Vega, Uriel Antuna, Canelo Angulo, Fernando Beltrán, Cata Domínguez, Luis Romo, Orbelín Pineda, Roberto Alvarado and Santiago Giménez will have to take it easy, since they are in selection plans, which by the way will not be able to count on elements of both teams that reach the Final and will not have Europeans either because it is not a FIFA Date.



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