Qatar 2022 World Cup match schedules

We are exactly one year from the start the World Cup in Qatar 2022, a World Cup that will be even more significant because it is about the first in the Middle East. Among all that that involves, the matches will be a little earlier than they had been in recent editions.

We know that there is still enough time for the tournament that unites the planet to start, it is even true that all the teams that will participate have not yet been defined, however we are also sure that since it is a competition of such dimension, we are all already immersed in the World Cup fever from now on. Therefore, here we leave you the schedules in which all the matches will be played so that you go mentalizing, since you will have to get up early to see some of them.

The first part of the tournament, i.e. the group stage, it will have four fixed hours. The activity will begin at 4:00 AM, will continue three hours later, that is, at 7:00 AM, then it will resume at 10:00 AM and close at one in the afternoon, Central Mexico time.

For the eighth and quarterfinals the schedule of the matches will be the same. There will be clashes at nine in the morning and later at one in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the semifinal duels will take place exclusively at 1:00 PM.

The schedule in which it will be played the grand finale perhaps it is the most striking of all, since anyone who wants to see the definition of the contest you will have to get up at 9:00 AM.

Little by little the details of the most important tournament in football are beginning to be defined and from now until the last day of competition, Aztec Sports you will have the best coverage ready.

Schedules for the Qatar 2022 World Cup matches

Group stage

4:00 hrs. 7:00 hrs. 10:00 hrs. and 13:00 hrs.

Eighths and quarterfinals

9:00 hrs. and 13:00 hrs.


13:00 hrs.

Final and third place

9:00 hrs.

(Central Mexico time)


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