Jaime Lozano recalled the day that Guardiola ‘ignored him’ for the Champions League

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The influence from Pep Guardiola in other technicians around the world is usually quite large, so much so that many look for it at the facilities of the Manchester City to learn from him. So he tried Jaime lozano, who He traveled to England but could not converse with the Spanish.

The Jimmy lozano, who hung the Bronze Medal in Tokyo 2020 with the Mexican Under-23 National Team, is a great admirer of Pep Guardiola and as is your custom traveled to Europe to continue learning from the great technicians of the world, although in this story he had no luck.

What happened between Guardiola and Lozano?

According to a text published by ‘The Coaches Voice’, Jaime lozano he related that on one occasion traveled to Manchester to meet Pep Guardiola and talk to him, all because of the good relationship he has with Lorenzo Buenaventura, City’s physical coach.

“On another of my trips to Europe, I went to Manchester to get a closer look at Guardiola’s work and his coaching staff at City. I spent three days at the club. They showed me the facilities and gave me an idea of ​​some of the work they do, ”said Jaime Lozano.

Despite your attempt, Pep Guardiola could not receive it because Jimmy traveled in Champions League week and important commitments of the Premier League, so the Spanish focused a lot on work and put aside all visits.

“With Guardiola it was more difficult to spend time. It was a week of Premier League and Champions League matches, and always drop everything. I identify a lot with that. When I focus on my work, I hardly see my children”, Jaime Lozano mentioned.

Besides Guardiola, Jaime Lozano admires other great sports figures, being the Barcelona one of his examples to follow and with Johan cruyff as a central element of his admiration.


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