DKV delivers its VII Medicine and Solidarity Awards endowed with 50,000 euros

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DKV has delivered its VII Medicine and Solidarity Awards, which have an economic endowment of 10,000 euros for each of its three categories. In this edition, the Africa Directo Foundation, Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta Revilla and the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Aljarafe have been the winners for their solidarity actions.

Furthermore, for the first time in the history of these awards, four recognitions specials to the Collegiate Medical Organization, the General Nursing Council, the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. These recognitions have an endowment of 5,000 euros each one to be used for social projects. Thus, this edition has distributed 50,000 euros in total.

In the words of Josep Santacreu, CEO of DKV Seguros, “with this seventh edition we want to continue betting on solidarity and we increase these figures significantly. This year they are very important because we celebrate this special Covid-19 edition and recognize four fundamental entities for the health of our country “.

The winners

The DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards pay tribute to those anonymous people and entities in the health sector who, in addition to carrying out their professional work, also work to support or promote solidarity projects, helping to change our society.

The Africa Directo Foundation has been the winner in the Solidarity Organization Award category, for a project to improve protective measures against contagion by Covid-19.

It involves the manufacture of personal protective equipment and non-invasive ventilators from diving masks adapted by a team of Spanish doctors and engineers, successfully tested in Spain and used in centers in Africa and Central America, lacking anti-Covid protection material. -19

Ignacio Díaz from Tuesta Revilla has been awarded in the category of Solidarity Healthcare Professional for the Andalucía Respira project. An initiative by healthcare professionals to design in record time a respirator with the capacity for prolonged use in the ICU in Covid patients, which would be easy and fast to manufacture with industrial materials accessible by countries without industry capable of manufacturing respirators.

The Hospital San Juan De Dios del Aljarafe in Seville has received the Award for the Initiative in Solidarity Digital Health for the program “Tele-Covid: humanizing and optimizing assistance in times of pandemic.”


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