They create cable to charge electric vehicle in just 5 minutes

The Purdue University, in collaboration with the Automotive company U.S Ford is working on the development of a new type of cable to power the batteries of the models electric vehicle that are becoming more popular today as the trend towards electrification of that market forces manufacturers to find solutions for the optimization of cars in the segment.

While the automobiles to gasoline They are not out of date, the market itself is pushing the interest of the industry in the direction of electric cars, which aims to allow users to charge the batteries in the same time as a tank of gasoline is charged, an objective that the team of researchers Purdue chases.

In today’s market, it is common for a full charge to take several hours. (Freepik)

The work in question consists of a prototype of a cable that is pending to be patented and has not yet been definitively tested with electric cars, which it seeks to favor and give impetus to the automotive section on the path of sustainable mobility based on rechargeable batteries that are as practical as those powered by fossil fuels.

At the current point of technology in the field, electric cars are a reality that receives greater interest in the market, but the charge of the energy required for transfers is a long and inefficient process that demotivates potential customers.

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The times for a full charge are variable and can range from half an hour with the cars more advanced and in ideal conditions, which can be enough for an empty battery to become almost completely full, but in most cases it is taken several hours or even days.

New cable for electric cars

The main obstacle to achieving an efficient cable that allows fast charging is simply overheating of the components, which is exactly what Purdue University engineers seek to reduce, since the faster the electricity flows through the conductors in In a charging system, the greater heating is experienced in the assembly, both in the cable and in the battery itself.

On the contrary, cooling the system can allow greater energy flows to pass through the wiring and thus speed up the charging process itself, which has been the bet of the research team. Through a liquid cooling system that adapts to the cable, and also using steam, it was possible to make more than 2,400 amperes flow through it, which is equivalent to more than five times the capacity of the most advanced electric car chargers found in the market.

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The university students point out that in the case of Tesla superchargers Its maximum capacity is 520 amps and with only 1,400 it is enough for a full battery charge to be finished in less than five minutes, so the results of its work are extremely promising for the industry in general.

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