The Patriots have a transitional leadership and the Ravens show their winning culture

Like every Monday, we go with the conclusions after the eleventh day of NFL American Football:

Taking advantage of the Buffalo loss, the Patriots are temporarily leaders of the AFC East; He still has two games left against the Bills. Even more important is the fact that the defense has not allowed more than seven points three games ago and Mac Jones is looking more and more comfortable.

1. It’s been two straight games in which Atlanta doesn’t score touchdowns. Without Corradelle Patterson and Calvin Ridley, that offense is lifeless. Matt Ryan has two years left on his contract and I’d start thinking about potentially moving him in the offseason.

2. Don’t look now, but the Texans defense has allowed a combined 30 points in the last two games. They intercepted Ryan Tannehill four times and forced five total losses. Tyrod Taylor hurt with his legs and Houston gave the bell of the day.

3. Injuries continue to mount for the Titans, who started the game without Derrick Henry or Julio Jones, then lost AJ Brown with a chest injury. Having said that, Ryan Tannehill must thrive in the face of adversity and he had a lousy game. Inexcusable defeat.

Four. Justin Jefferson is already one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, Kirk Cousins ​​grew in important moments and the offense was vertical all afternoon. Of course, if Minnesota is going to aspire to a wild card, the defense has to better protect the advantages; again it almost escapes them.

5. Always special to see a talent like Aaron Rodgers play. The problem this week was that the defense, which had had a very good year, allowed more than 400 yards and was a strainer. Elgton Jenkins’ injury worries, especially with Bakhtiari still not ready.

6. There’s a difference between winning without playing well and not looking like a playoff team for a long time. Cleveland has scored more than 17 points just once in the last six games, Baker Mayfield is clearly unhealthy and they struggled to beat Detroit without their starting QB.

7. D’Andre Swift is the light at the end of the tunnel for the Lions. The runner had one of the best games of his career. Tim Boyle made his starting debut, passing for just 77 yards and throwing two interceptions. They’re in the driver’s seat for the first pick in the draft.

8. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year, but the Eagles could easily qualify for the playoffs. They discovered his identity, and rushed for 242 yards against what came in as the best rushing defense in the league. Triumph that could give potential tiebreaker against Saints.

9. Without Alvin Kamara and his two starting offensive tackles, the Saints lost their third straight game and are officially in trouble. Still healthy, the offense is lifeless and to top it all, the defense had by far its worst game of the season.

10. On a day in which the Titans and the Bills lost, the Ravens managed to win without Lamar Jackson. It wasn’t sexy, but Tyler Huntley led them to the winning series in the finale. Judging from how they have played, it is not understood that the Ravens are 7-3, but they have winning culture.

eleven. They are going to clean the house at the end of the year in Chicago. This is the kind of defeat that is the last straw. To top it all, Justin Fields injured his ribs and the defense allowed the winning touchdown in the final series. Goodbye to the Bears season.



Javier Trejo Garay makes up the podium of players who broke it in one more day of professional American football.

12. If there is one thing that cannot be questioned from this Washington team, it is their resilience. Despite all the injuries, they never stop competing. Taylor Heinicke limited errors and played an excellent game. The defense has limited the opponent to less than 300 yards in 3 games in a row.

13. Cam Newton did his part in Carolina, hurting both in the air and on the ground and protecting the ball. The problem was that they could not establish the running attack, and that the defense, which came with many laurels, allowed 190 yards on the ground.

14. It was the first time all season that Miami’s offensive line allowed no sacks. The offense surpassed 100 yards rushing for just the third time this year, but they’re going to have to be more explosive to compete. Tua Tagovailoa played good second half.

13. Elijah Moore is slowly becoming the most entertaining player on the Jets. Joe Flacco handled the load effectively and distributed the ball well. Quincy Williams was a tackling machine. Matt Ammendola missed two field goals and the Jets remain in the doldrums.

14. With Derrick Henry injured, there is no doubt that Jonathan Taylor is the best running back in the NFL today. Balance, patience and vision to score five touchdowns in the sovereign beating the Colts gave the Bills on the road. Indy is in the fight, but the schedule is rough.

fifteen. The absences of Tremaine Edmunds and Star Lotulelei clearly impacted the Bills defense, which came in as the best in the league and was an invitation. They were overpowered in the trenches, and Josh Allen was never able to settle down and had a match to be forgotten.

16. On the surface, a win over the Jaguars shouldn’t say much, but with all the surprises this year has come, that performance is a breeze of fresh air. The 49ers defense dominated and when the offense is upright, they control the pace of the game.



Katia Castorena with the report of the Los Angeles team’s victory over Pittsburgh on Sunday night.

17. James Robinson is the only reliable weapon on the Jaguars offense, and with him in the thick of cotton, the Jaguars looked really bad. Jacksonville made a couple of losses and they were a penalty machine. Trademark of Urban meyer in the NFL?

18. The Bengals offense didn’t have its best day at the office, but Joe Mixon was a workhorse and Evan McPherson showed his leg arrogance. The defense forced two losses and limited the running attack. Cincinnati remains strong in the fight for the playoffs.

19. The Raiders offense has turned conservative in the last three games, and has not surpassed 16 points in those meetings. Maybe Derek Carr’s credit is running out and the defense was a silly penalty machine that brought Cincy to life.

twenty. Good teams overcome adversity and injuries. The Cardinals were 2-1 without Kyler Murray and now it’s a bye week; good job Colt McCoy. Zach Ertz has been an important addition and the defense recorded four sacks and limited running.

twenty-one. While it is true that the defense allowed too many freedoms through the air against a backup quarterback, the main reason the Seahawks are practically eliminated from containment is the inability of their offense. If Carroll stays, Wilson leaves.

22. Not enough is being said about the leap that the Chiefs’ defense has taken, which has been four games ago that does not allow rivals to exceed 17 points. Against the Cowboys, they had five sacks and limited to a powerful attack on a day in which KC’s attack did not work.

23. This is not the time to be alarmed, but the Cowboys offense has suffered in two of the last three games, coincidentally they did not have Tyron Smith. As if that were not enough, Amari Cooper was not there either and they lost CeeDee Lamb in a short week.

24. The Chargers blew a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter, but the way they responded tells us everything we need to know about Justin Herbert’s mettle. Austin Ekeler scored four touchdowns and won a vital game heading into the playoffs.

25. Without TJ Watt or Minkah Fitzpatrick or Joe Haden, the defense was a sieve. Although he did not have a bad game, Ben Roethlisberger is a statue and it seems difficult that the Steelers could be candidates with a pedestrian offense and from another era.


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