Dos Bocas will be at 100% capacity until September 2023

As of July 1, 2022, the date the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador plans to inaugurate the new refinery Dos Bocas, the complex will require a few months to deliver the first liters of gasoline and commercial diesel, as well as to operate at full capacity.

According to the construction schedule, there is a key date when the Olmeca refinery, as the Head of the Executive baptized it, it will be operating at full steam: in full national festivities on September 15, 2023.

At that time, this administration would have an offer to cover at least 87% of the consumption national gasoline with its own production and 100% of the demand for diesel, according to information to which EL UNIVERSAL had access.

These percentages are achieved considering that “the rehabilitation of the refineries would allow the processing of 1,150,000 barrels of crude oil per day during most of 2022 and reach 1,250,000 barrels by the end of the same year,” explained officials from the Ministry of Energy. (Sener).


They also revealed that as of November this year the Olmeca refinery is 60% complete and the mechanical part, materials and equipment are expected to be ready for the testing phase by the end of next year. The tests will be carried out from January 2023.

“The start-up tests of the 17 plants that make up the complex will be done one by one, and the bet is that they will be ready by July 2023, which is when the one-year warranty period begins,” they added.

Tentatively, the new refinery is expected to contribute between 174.9 thousand and 177.11 thousand barrels per day of regular and premium gasoline, and between 126.61 and 127.42 thousand barrels per day of diesel, among other products, according to the Refinery Business Case in Dos Bocas, Paraíso, Tabasco, approved by the Board of Directors of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

In its Third Work Report 2020-2021, the Secretary of Energy (Sener) reiterated that the cost of the work is 8,918.5 million dollars and that as of June of this year 4,884.6 million dollars have been accrued, including basic engineering, studies, soil improvement, site adaptation, acquisition of long-time manufacturing equipment and modular plants, storage system manufacturing and engineering.

That is, between July 2021 and July 2022, when the work is inaugurated, 4 thousand 33.9 million dollars will have to be exercised.

By 2023, once all the refineries have been rehabilitated and with Dos Bocas operating at full capacity, the viability of energy sovereignty will fall on Pemex’s ability to deliver the volume of crude oil required by the National Refining System (SNR), officials acknowledged. of Pemex consulted by EL UNIVERSAL who asked not to be identified.

By then, the refining system will require at least one million 500 thousand barrels per day of Petroleum.

The director of Pemex, Octavio Romero Oropeza, set a high goal for 2022 and ensures that the company can produce more oil compared to the production platform that was approved in the 2022 Economic Package.

It foresees that next year one million 948 thousand barrels per day will be extracted on average, that is, 122 thousand barrels per day more than that endorsed in Congress.

Last week in the Mexican Petroleum CongressRomero Oropeza stated that the strategy defined in this administration in the exploration and production areas is giving favorable results.

Before specialists and investors, the official expressed the possibility that Pemex may increase oil production 10.4% next year against the volume with which it will close 2021, estimated at 1,765,000 barrels per day on average.

By 2023, when the Dos Bocas refinery operates at full capacity, Mexican oil It would be producing 1,971,000 barrels per day, that is, 471,000 additional barrels per day to what is required, according to Romero Oropeza.

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