Cruz Azul News: The five reasons for the failure of the champion Cruz Azul

ANDThe last duel of the play-off stage threw us to the Rayados de Monterrey as the last guest to the quarterfinals, already the Cruz Azul Machine as the last eliminated from Apertura 2021. In this way, the title of Liga MX champion remains vacant, thus extinguishing the dreams of two-time championship of the celestial ones.

Cement makers scratched perfection last semester. Leaders on the offensive, on the defensive, general leaders …All this prompted them to the grand final, which they ended up taking defeating Santos Laguna thus obtaining his ninth league title, ending 23 years of drought.

Maintaining such a level was undoubtedly difficult, however Much confidence was placed in the coaching staff and players hoping to repeat the formula. Unfortunately various factors prevented Cruz Azul will continue on the road to a new league title. Here we mention some of them.

Administrative penalties

During the last few weeks, Cruz Azul had to deal more with administrative issues than sports; motivated by the attitude of some of its fans who, in the face of its malfunction, He made his disagreement manifest by expressing the famous homophobic cry in his home matches at the Azteca stadium.

The first of the cases occurred within the semifinals of the Concacaf Champions League against Rayados. The match was suspended a couple of times, and the team received a warning. To your bad fortune, In a match against the Esmeraldas de Len, already within the MX League the situation was repeated again, which led to a veto game. The celestial fans watched from home blue removal.

Orbeln Pineda

Another issue on which Cruz Azul diverted its attention for a few weeks was the eventual departure of Orbeln Pineda of the team, with a view to football in Europe, specifically Celta de Vigo, from LaLiga de Espaa.

In the words of the President of the Administrative and Surveillance Councils of the Cooperative, Vctor Velzquez, Pineda’s renewal was sought, however the player’s wishes were to become a free agent in order to reach Spanish football. In the end, ‘Orbe’ finalize contract in December and reach Celta in the winter market.

Front off

As we mentioned previously, the Blue Cross it boasted of being the best offense of the past semester by accumulating 26 goals in favor reaped in 13 wins, two draws and two losses. In that semester they added 21 annotations, in five victories, eight tied and four losses.

Although the goal difference is not far, the celestial ones impose conditions thanks to the actions of the Uruguayan attacker Jonathan Rodrguez, that at that time he garnered nine annotations, a figure very far from the three goals achieved in this contest. The level of play of the charra dropped a lot, and this situation was reflected in the results.

Contributions to FIFA Dates

Having top-of-the-line players proved detrimental to Cruz Azul in recent international breaks. Various celestial elements were called with their respective selections, and hence Juan Reynoso he was unable to work with a full roster at various times.

Men like Orbeln Pineda, Roberto Alvarado, Luis Romo, Santiago Gimnez, Jonathan Rodrguez, Yoshimar Yotn, Juan Escobar and Bryan Angulo They were required by their representatives, which made the Peruvian helmsman seek to dose them in the first team, seeking to avoid injuries or overload. Not having a base squad was Cruz Azul’s sin this season.

Lack of reinforcements

When a formula works, it’s hard to think of changing anything about it. The overwhelming step of Cruz Azul in the 2021 Guardians little inspired the board to make movements; He kept his base team and only had Rmulo Otero, Luis Mendoza and Lucas Passerini as his new elements.

Of three, the Argentine was the one with the highest number of minutes played (280), while Mendoza and Otero were far away from a hundred minutes. Lack of confidence in new elements, added to the overload suffered by others, made it difficult to have a competitive roster.


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