Are you leaving Toluca? Hernán Cristante leaves his future in suspense

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Hernán Cristante decided not to accept questions at the press conference and instead gave a message to talk about the elimination of Toluca in Repechage at the hands of Pumas and the future of the team.

Although he did not make it clear if he will seek to continue in the scarlet team, the coach will present a team report, especially of each of the players for the board to make decisions towards Closing 2022.

We play very bad, we did too well in the result, they could have scored us four goals. The group has plenty of will, at no time did they have the peace of mind to play, the other times they showed soccer but there has been tactical disobedience, He failed in the field due to anxiety and I have been saying it, andThe team reached a low point in the last month and a half and we have not been able to work well, it is not an excuse, “he said.

He will talk to his players

Crystalline will go this Monday to the facilities of the Red Devils to talk with the group before going on vacation.

“This tournament is over for us, very regular in this part, very good in the first part, I will meet with Francisco and Antonio to see the situation, I tomorrow I have a meeting with the campus, I am going to leave all the analysis that I have to deliver from the campus at the group and individual level, It will be seen what decision is made on the part of Francisco and Sinha and from us also because we know that sometimes the campus can be stretched to a certain extent and what comes by calendar looks a little better“, he pointed.


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