so are celebrities as bosses

How are the famous in plan of boss? Find out what happens when a superstar signs the check and how celebrities treat their employees, many of whom adore them for being so kind and even splendid.

How celebrities treat their employees

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star is known for his simplicity and naturalness in front of and behind the cameras. According to your work team:

Jennifer doesn’t give you orders; she asks you for things like you’re doing her a favor. As a person and as a boss she is charming …”Said an associate of J.Law.

Bruce springsteen

Rock fans have dubbed him “The Boss”, and yes he is… and one of the best. When his assistant Terry Magovern died in 2007, Springsteen was not content with providing emotional and financial support to the family.

In addition, he wrote a moving song, Terry’s Song, which he premiered on his late friend’s birthday.

Diane kruger

Diane says that her housekeeper is part of her family. And this is not pure blah-bla-blah. The actress from the TV series The Bridge not only bought her a house, but also covered all the legal and transportation costs so that her employee’s family members could emigrate to the United States. Where are job applications filled out…?

Gordon ramsay

In the Hell’s Kitchen cooking contest, the irascible British chef is an erupting volcano, always yelling orders at chefs vying for the honor (or torture) of working in one of his prestigious restaurants. However, the winners who work for him admit that Ramsay is quite a gentleman.

The screams are a show for the cameras”Said one participant.

Kate moss

Kate is a great friend of Naomi Campbell, the supermodel who when she gets angry… everything that falls into her hands becomes streamlined. However, the tall British woman couldn’t be more different from Naomi.

When her assistant Fiona Young quit her job because she was expecting a baby and wanted to dedicate herself to being a full-time mom, Kate threw a spectacular baby shower for her, with celebrity guests and lots of gifts and donations from the companies she works with.

Angelina Jolie

The actress has said that she doesn’t have many friends. But her assistant Holly Goline says that Angie is not only an excellent boss, but also a good friend.

When Holly and Angie got pregnant at the same time (the actress, from twins Knox and Vivienne), the two posed for the paparazzi in Cannes wearing almost identical maternity dresses.

Kate bosworth

Kate Bosworth and Jacqui Louez, her assistant during the filming of Superman Returns, became such good friends that when Kate learned that Jacqui was getting married, she made some space in her busy work schedule and flew to Australia to be one of her ladies. honorary.

And that’s not all: Kate behaved discreetly, so as not to steal the bride’s camera on her big day.

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