Mexico will host Worlds 2022 League of Legends

The organization of Worlds 2022 is underway. The most important competitive event in League of Legends it already has headquarters for its next edition.

Through a video, which is currently disabled, LoL Esports revealed the cities in which the world and one of them is Mexico City.

Moments & Memories | Worlds 2021

The LoL World Cup sets foot on Spanish-American territory for the first time

The World of League of Legends He will set foot on Spanish-American territory for the first time and will have our country as the first stop.

Mexico will host the phase of Play-in, later, the Group stage will unfold in New York, the playoffs in Toronto and the Finals on San Francisco.

The best players of League of Legends will once again seek glory after the event that took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, edition in which he was crowned Edward Gaming versus DWG KIA.

It will be the twelfth time that the World Championship League of Legends, which emerged in 2011 having Fnatic as the first Champion, however, if there is a team that has dominated the Summoner’s Rift over the years it has been T1. The South Korean team, led by Faker, has managed to lift the Summoner’s Cup on three occasions (2013, 2015 and 2016).

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The game developed by Riot games continues to generate high expectations for next year. And it is that in the last weeks, it was released Arcane. The League of Legends animated series that tells the rivalry between the cities, Piltover and Zaun, as well as the story of some of the video game’s champions such as Saw, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko and Heimerdinger.

The series consists of nine episodes, which are divided into three acts and this Saturday, the season finale is already available.

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