Liverpool thrashed Arsenal and broke their unbeaten streak of 10 games

The dream and the Spanish streak is over Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal. He was carried away by a Liverpool which proved to be a step above the ‘Gunners‘and to whom not a great Aaron Ramsdale could stop this time (4-0).

The English goal, international with the absolute, was the cause of why the Arsenal did not get an even bigger win of Anfield, although he could do little to avoid the many Sadio mané, Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah and Takumi minamino who decided the game.

And that, until the first goal of Mané, the Arsenal He kept on in the match, pressing, with a great defensive block and with a lot of help from the attacking players, with the aim of stopping the entry of the sides of the Liverpool.

Jürgen Klopp celebrating Liverpool's goal against Arsenal

The Arsenal was containing the ‘Reds‘until the boiler that is Anfield exploded, thanks to an encounter in the band between a heated Arteta, which they had to hold, and Jurgen Klopp. The cause? A clash in the air between Tomiyasu and Mané. This action woke up the stands and the Liverpool, who had waited patiently until then, began to roar.

Ramsdale, blessed since he arrived this summer at Arsenal for 40 million, he was in charge of stopping the revolt. A double stop to Mané, first in a volley and then from the ground, later blocking Salah point-blank and finally a little hand Alexander-Arnold from within the area. Even the English laughed because everything was coming out for him.

But everything has a limit. Foul hung to the area by Alexander-Arnold, the ball reaches the far post free and Mané accompanies him with his head to the net. The game fell to Arsenal, which began to unravel much more and, above all, to commit serious errors in defense and in the exit of the ball.

In a recklessness of Nuno Tavares, who tried to haggle out from behind, came the second. The Portuguese made a mistake when making a horizontal pass at the height of his area, he gave the ball to Jot and this left a defender, a Ramsdale and dialed an empty door.

Takumi Minamino celebrating goal with Liverpool against Arsenal

The Arsenal and the trident of the Liverpool, which in a large triangulation between Jot and Mané, left only the Senegalese in the area to serve the third to Salah, breaking a streak of three games without seeing the door.

Those of Klopp, already with the three points achieved and without pressure, and in another masterful combination within the area Takumi minamino culminated a low pass of Alexander-Arnold to round out the beating of the Liverpool.

Thus ends the ten-game undefeated streak of the Arsenal, which, even so, has lost and by a landslide against Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, the three great candidates for Premier this year. The ‘Gunners‘they remain fifth, with 20 points, while the Liverpool rises to second position four points behind Chelsea.



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