Exatlón México: A new reinforcement is confirmed and it is a legend, who is it?

Exatlón México has planned a great competition in which it will literally be everyone against everyone, as the Exatlón Colombia team will be divided in half so that they can compete against the Guardians and Conquerors, as well as against their compatriots. That is why from the production they have decided to send a luxury reinforcement, but it will be for the Reds, who have underperformed very badly.

Why will they bring a new reinforcement if Antonio Rosique that Emilio, Maura, Thalia and Jair were the last?

When the new reinforcements arrived, Emilio, Jair, Maura and Thalia, Antonio Rosique commented that these would be the last reinforcements that would arrive on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, well, apparently from the producer, they are doing everything so that the Guardians win yes or yes.


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